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The name Ahmose is the anglicized form of Άμωσις (Amosis), which is the hellenized form of the ancient Egyptian name IaH-ms or I'h-ms meaning "son of Iah". It is composed of the name of the Egyptian god Iah combined with the word 'mes' meaning "son" or 'mesu' meaning "be born".
Lucille  10/9/2015
Never heard of this before today. I like it.
silly_rabbit  9/26/2008
Ahmos wrote a mathematical textbook for children consisting of more than eighty mathematical problems and their solutions. This ancient papyrus was discovered in the tomb of Ahmos in the mid-nineteenth century. "Many exercises in the book show us that Africans, two thousand years before the Greeks, studied the mathematics of the pyramid and of the cone, the tangent, the sine, the cosine, and the cotangent," according to Cheikh Anta Diop.
georacine  11/16/2006

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