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Pretty name, a tad old fashioned. Should be used more in historical fiction, I think.
princessleia28  8/9/2007
A great alternative for everyone who's considering "Aidan" for a girl.
Lady Seashell  6/8/2008
I like Aideen *a lot* better than the original Étaín, which reminds me too much of the number eighteen.
erb816  1/22/2010
I like this name a lot, but I would probably prefer the spelling "Aidine" or "Adine". For some reason it looks better that way.
― Anonymous User  4/19/2010
My middle name is Aideen, and I have yet to meet anyone who has ever heard of it, let alone has it as a name. My parents say they chose it becuase my god-father's sister was Nadine, and thought Aideen would be different and unusal. They were right. No one has ever been able to guess my middle name.
AideenStephanie  2/3/2016
My 9 year old daughter is named Aideen. She loves it because nobody ever heard of it.
funnything2014  1/16/2017
This name is really pretty. I like Aideen for a girl more then Aidan for a boy. The association with a goddess is pretty cool as well.
XironDarkstar  11/8/2017

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