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This name, due to its pronunciation, is often confused with the French name "Helene", and people often have the wrong meaning.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2004
Two famous bearers are silent actress Aileen Pringle (1895-1989) and actress Aileen Quinn (b. 1971), who was Annie in the 1982 movie.
alberto  12/12/2004
My name is Aileen, therefore it is the best name ever. I think that everyone with the name Aileen would agree that people need to learn how to pronounce it properly.
Aloon19  3/13/2005
Aileen or Aylin in the Turkish language means "halo around the moon" and it is used in countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2005
Aileen is also sadly famous by Aileen Wuornos, female serial killer who was executed by lethal injection.
alberto  4/2/2005
Aileen is a beautiful name indeed.
albehuerta  11/8/2005
People do get Aileen and Eileen confused. They often pronounce them both as eye-LEEN. It gets annoying for my friend with this name!
rubberduckiiz2  1/4/2006
My name is (obviously) Aileen and there are actually two pronunciations of the name. Believe me, I would know. It is unbelievable how many people mispronounce it. It can be pronounced with a long "A" (Aileen) or, as in my case, the same way as Eileen. This way has a long "I" (Iileen).
aileenbean  2/25/2006
Ailiene is a Scottish variant of Aileen and is pronounced "I-Leen" from the 1870s and earlier in Midlothian, Scotland. My great-grandparents brought the name with them to the USA in 1888. Ailiene was used in several subsequent generations since the mid 1700's.
hooperhawk  4/8/2006
I hate this name! It sounds so harsh, not a good name for a cute little baby!
― Anonymous User  5/10/2006
I think the spiteful anonymous person making rude comments about the name is a female with a childish grudge against someone called Aileen. Men don't say things like "cute little baby" so I feel sorry for their very unhealthy grudge. My name is Aileen and I've fought for my name to be said as it's supposed to be. Aileen is not a harsh name and it's very childish young women who write things like that. Jealousy I expect. Aileen is also the name of a famous HiV scientist. So evidently some of us are pretty clever too. Unlike cowards who stay anonymous. What's your name then? Joanne, Sarah, Kate or maybe it's Claire, lots of those around... Debbie is a bit more rare..
aileenisceltic  9/18/2014
I love the name. It's one of my favorites but I can see where you're coming from.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2016
Aileen sounds so hard for a baby girl, backwards it's Neelia, which sounds much more feminine!
― Anonymous User  5/28/2006
The correct pronunciation is a matter of opinion. But my mother pronounces hers eye-leen with emphasis on the last syllable. Ay-leen grates on her nerves. Besides, traditional European pronunciation of the letter "a" gives it a longer "ahh" sound. So her pronunciation is likely to be more correct than the harsher, later, Americanized version.
celtacia  7/8/2006
I once had a really funny incident on the phone when an old lady said her name was Aileen, and I thought she said alien.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2006
Hahaha! Alien! It does look/sound like Alien!
― Anonymous User  1/11/2007
I think this is a very pretty name and not the least bit harsh.
YMPvt  3/2/2007
Aileen Riggin Soule was an American swimmer and diver.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Tan is a versatile actress in Singapore. Because of her age, Singaporeans seldom see her on television nowadays.
― Anonymous User  8/5/2007
Aileen Fisher is a prominent writer for children. Her works appear in many texts across the globe.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Raymond was a British stage actress.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Mary Fox (née Henderson) was one of the first women to work as a professional archaeologist in the UK.
LMS  8/5/2007
Professor Aileen Plant was a leading Australian infectious diseases epidemiologist.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Britton was an Australian actress that made her acting debut in Tall Timbers in 1937. She then worked on stage until the reemergence of Australian cinema in the mid-1970s.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Paterson is a Scottish writer and illustrator, best known for her series of children's books about Maisie the kitten.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Aletha Meagher was a Canadian athlete who competed mainly in the 100 metres.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Stanley was a United States popular singer. Stanley performed on vaudeville and in cabarets. In 1920 she made a hit in New York City in the review show "Silks And Satins".
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Quinn is an American actress who played the title role in the 1982 film version of Annie.
LMS  8/5/2007
Aileen Pringle was a highly successful and popular stage and film actress during the silent film era.
LMS  8/5/2007
My name is Ailene and my mother pronounced it "eye-LEEN." I have heard of people with the name spelled the same as mine, but instead it is pronounced "ay-LEEN." I have had a few people look at my name and mistakenly call me "alien."
― Anonymous User  8/21/2007
No offense to people with this name, but it reminds me of middle-aged American housewives who live in the country, have big hair, and wear too much make-up.
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
My name's Aileen (Ay-leen), not Eileen! It's quite a common Irish name.
I was named after Lady Aileen Plunkett, born Aileen Guinness (of the Guinness family) who lived in Luttrellstown Castle Dublin (where Posh and Becks got married). Her daughter was called Neelia - Aileen backwards!
I love my name, despite having to correct everyone!
Aileen C  4/25/2008
I like a variation of this name: Aileena. It seems more feminine.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2009
Aileen is my name, when I was a child, I hated it. Now I changed my mind, and maybe it sounds too cold, but I love it anyway.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2010
I think this is a really pretty name. I like Aileen much better than Eileen or Aileena, although they're nice too.
Joy12  4/17/2011
I know a girl who's about eleven named Aileen. She pronounces it like Eileen, but at first glance I'd probably pronounce it ay-leen. Both pronunciations are very pretty... Although I have to say spelling wise, I like Eileen a little bit more. I think it might be because Aileen looks kind of like "alien" :P.
Oohvintage  2/23/2013
My name's Edna Aileen Martínez Soto. I've always gone by Aileen because Edna has always reminded me of an old lady with a lot of cats. I'm Latina and my family has always pronounced the name as AH-ee-leen, with emphasis on the "leen". I despise it when people butcher my name in English; it's not Eileen, it's not eye-leen. It's AH-ee-leen.
cadaveres  3/28/2014
My name is spelled Aeleen, pronounced "Ah-leen" (according to my mother Arlene, whose best friend was Eileen) so I think my name is combination of both names. I have been called Eileen, Elaine, Alene, and yes, Alien. Only my family and childhood friends know the "correct" pronouncation, otherwise I go by "Lee".
Aeleen  5/20/2014
I have never met anyone else with my pronunciation: 'Ay-leen' and often get called Eileen. I'm surprised by those who say the opposite.
AileenH  9/6/2014
Hello all you A/Eileen's and other variants. I need to explain. I was born of Canadian parents while they were traveling through the United States. When the birth certificate was filled out, they wrote Aileen instead of Eileen. I assumed this was an American spelling. Through school I spelled it the way my mother wanted, as Eileen. But legally, I now use Aileen. It is humorous to me, because I can always tell who it is who has seen my name in print, that is, who is reading me. This is a positive for me, being a writer and poet, not that I want to limit myself in any way. I am more than poet and writer. If those I meet have seen my name in print they will call me AY-leen. If they haven't then Eye-Leen. Once, my plane tickets came back with Alien and did I want them to change that!? Why yes, of course I did! Sheesh. And, I love my name.
A.Eileen  1/7/2016
My name's Eileen. I like my name, but Aileen is pretty too. Aye-leen sounds weird though.
Eileen1209864  5/15/2016
Aileen Wuornos, serial killer.
Eileen1209864  6/14/2016
My younger daughter's middle name is Aileen. I chose it to honor her paternal grandmother who was of Hungarian descent - Wilma Aileen - who passed away a year before my daughter was born. I think it's a lovely name and hope that she'll pass it on if she has a daughter one day.

My middle name is my mother's which I in turn, have given to my older daughter. I hope that she'll continue the tradition as well.
LadyAilith  12/18/2016
My name is Aileen (pronounced Ay-leen). I always hated it as a child because people couldn't say it but it's somewhat grown on me over the years. Even now though, I am surprised when someone pronounces it properly! I've only ever met 2 people in person with my name so I reckon I would find it weird calling someone by my name which has also been spelled many ways before including Alien, Alieen and quite recently Aisleen!
Leenie  1/21/2017
My name is Aileen, pronounced ay-leen my experience has been that of correcting people throughout my life on pronunciation.. Within seconds of introducing myself I am repeating it because it is unique and always mispronounced. In jr high and high school my nickname was alien.. The name literally means light, or great beam of light and on rough days I work hard to embody that description.. It is beautiful and I feel that people who don't or can't pronounce it are certainly not meant to know me...I am a shining light!
Munrovan23  1/27/2017
Aileen can be pronounced as Eileen, with a I sound. Or depending on the accent, as Aileen. I like this spelling a lot, but prefer Eileen.
XironDarkstar  9/30/2017
Sounds like alien to me.
Hushpuppy  12/18/2017

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