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My name is Ailsa, and I get a lot of "Oh, like Elsa from Frozen?" I love my name, but it gets a little bit annoying. I also have a very complicated last name so I have to spell out my entire name, letter by letter, each time someone needs to spell it. I have been called: Elsa, Alisa, Alissa, Alyssa, Allison, Alisha, etc.
Ailsa7  5/29/2016
My Scottish nana always pronounced my name ale-za, even though everyone else used the s sound. And since she had an r-ful dialect, she actually said

Constant correcting of pronunciation and spelling, but I like it fine. Works for any age. I have had it from birth to 74!
ailsa  8/24/2014
Ailsa is pronounced AYL-sə.
Kate  4/23/2011
Pronounced AY-il-suh.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2007

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