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Is quite a nice, strong name for a man.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2007
Ironically, a masculine name.
Evil  5/9/2009
This is my name. I'm a girl and I'm still really confused about my name - it's not common at all, so I can't find much info about it on the net. I heard it was a masculine name but some Arabic lady told me it was Arabic for 'faith' and definitely is a girl's name. For a while, I also read that it meant 'Fearless'. My parents aren't helpful either. So if anyone knows anything about 'Aiman', please comment!
Aiman  5/26/2009
Since a great many people in Kazakhstan are Muslim, Aiman could be connected to the (usually feminine) Arabic name Iman, which means "faith" as the above user was told.
erb816  6/1/2009
The meaning of this name is so beautiful and dramatic.
Hushpuppy  11/22/2010
Seems very masculine.
ThatMazerunnerfan  10/1/2014
This is also a variant transcription of the Arabic name Ayman (أيمن), which is masculine. [noted -ed]
highexpectasians  11/26/2017
Written as "ايمان" in the Kazakh Arabic script.
highexpectasians  2/16/2018

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