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I've ALWAYS had people pronounce my name AY-me. Just like Amy.
-- CosmicWaffles  6/14/2007
Pronounced aimay.
-- A91  7/18/2009
Pronounced "ie-mai".
-- MaggieSimpson  10/9/2009
Aimee is actually my name, but I pronounce it neither like "ay-mee" or like "ay-mey".
I pronounce it "ah-mee", which is completely different from what everyone is saying it is supposed to be pronounced! How strange. It's rather interesting that people have different ways of pronouncing this name--I've heard many different pronunciations of it.
-- AlosBothe  4/25/2011
The pronunciation on here is wrong, it doesn't sound that different than Amy even when said in French
-- Anonymous User  1/2/2012
My middle name is Aime'. My father picked out the name and it's pronounced eye-meh.
-- Lvgurl79  11/15/2015
My family pronounces it how they'd phonetically do so naturally in Spanish. So like eye-meh, or like Jaime in Spanish. But for everyone else who speaks English I tell them it's eye-may.
-- Anonymous User  6/15/2017

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