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Airi Suzuki (âľ ÛÀí) is a Japanese pop singer and actress, currently a member of ¡ãC-ute and Hello! Project Kids. Suzuki is the daughter of the professional golfer T¨­ru Suzuki.
-- Anonymous User  8/5/2007
I like this name. It's sweet. I have always wondered if Chinese names can be Japanese too, but I have never heard a Chinese name on a Japanese girl or boy and also vice versa, so I guess it's not possible, but either way, I still like this name, and I'm pretty sure this is only a girl's name, and that is the only gender I would even consider using it on is a little girl. I can't picture a little boy with this name, but who knows? Maybe it's possible, maybe it's not. But oh well, I like it for a little girl.
-- Patricia Underwood  3/6/2008
This is also a Finnish female name. :)
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2008
This is so sweet. Close to my own name, Siri, but I find this prettier.
-- nox  9/4/2008
Hoshina Airi is the name of the protagonist in the manga "MeruPuri" by Matsuri Hino.
-- GreekMythology  2/13/2009
There are multiple other kanji possibilities to go with this name. Kind of a more recent name rather than an old standard.
-- abbasdaughter  3/10/2009
Miyavi Ishihara's daughter (born July 29, 2009) has this name as her Japanese name! ^_^
-- VampireTears  8/1/2009
Something more about Miyavi's daughter's name: her name is actually Lovelie (from the English word "lovely"), but it is written with the same characters as Airi - 愛理. 愛 means "love" and 理 means "reason". Usually, foreign words and names in Japanese are written in katakana, but I guess Miyavi and Melody wanted their daughter's name to have a literal meaning in kanji. Normally, 愛理 would be read as "Airi". And Japanese people find the English words "love" and "lovely" very hard to pronounce - the closest sounds they have are "rabu" and "raburi". I really hope Miyavi can pronounce English well, so her name actually sounds like "Lovely" when he says it, not "Raburi". :)
-- shotgun_wedding  4/3/2010
Japanese pronunciation: ah-EE-ree, or AH-ee-ree
English pronunciation (the one that flows the most should an English-speaker say the name): IE-ree.
-- erb816  4/8/2010
Airi is also a Finnish name.
-- Anonymous User  10/30/2010
Pronounced eye-ree.
-- junpyon  4/9/2011
If used in nickname-form-- "Airi" is unbelievably tender and sweet. While, yes, it may have it's roots as Japanese I find it acceptable to use in other cultures (diminutive, of course). I certainly would consider it as a shortened everyday call of the Italian "Aurelia." The pronunciation... Perhaps I would Italian-ize it to "Ah-Ee-Ree"? A simple "Air-Ee" could function, though.
-- Francesca  5/5/2011
The name Airi can mean either "Beloved Jasmine" or "Beloved Reason".
-- Mocha444  12/26/2011
It reminds me of Aina in how soft and feminine it sounds; I picture an Airi as being one of the sweetest girls you could meet.
-- RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Pronounced like eye-ree.
-- Aliria  7/26/2016

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