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Akiva is an Aramaic pet form of Yaakov.
Miss Claire  11/16/2005
Akiva Goldsman is an American-born screenwriter and producer. He's done the screenplays for 'The Da Vinci Code,' 'Cinderella Man,' 'A Beautiful Mind,' and others.
Scion  5/17/2006
Akiba [Akiva] Rubinstein (1882-1961) was a renowned Polish-born chess champion.
Jonquil  3/7/2009
Akiva Schaffer is a director, a songwriter, and a member of the comedy troupe The Lonely Island.
arielleira27  5/25/2009
It's incredible how many cognates my name has around the world. Akiba is an original form but I prefer Yaacov. I'm proud to be one of the "Jacobs": I really love my name!
Jake Fax  7/5/2016

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