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1. My niece's name is Alexandra Rose and we often call her Al.
2. This name is sometimes short for Allen.
-- mariej2  5/28/2005
Al Gore is a famous bearer of this name.
-- Anonymous User  12/7/2005
Al Borlen was Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's ever-popular assistant on the T.V. show "Home Improvement."
-- breakofday  1/7/2006
Al Lacy is a Christian author.
-- Anonymous User  2/14/2006
Al Roker is a famous bearer. He's on the Food Network with Roker on the Road and I guess he's a weatherman, too.
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2006
Al can also be a nickname for Alexander, Alyson, Alana, Alastair and all other Al- names.
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2006
Famous bearer is Al Pacino, an Academy Award-winning American actor.
-- Anonymous User  3/25/2006
"Weird Al" Yankovic is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  3/5/2007
'Big Gay Al' is a hilarious character from the T.V. show, South Park.
-- Rockos_Modern_Life_1  6/3/2007
This is name is incredibly dopey sounding.
-- spaz123  7/18/2007
This is the nickname of the son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, Albus Potter.
-- Nochenne  7/22/2007
That's not all, folks! We can't forget the infamous Al Capone, peoples! We just can't forget him!
-- Jesus_Freak  11/7/2007
Cute nickname for a girl called Allison or Allie or something starting with Al in some form.
-- Patricia Underwood  2/2/2008
My name is Alexandra, and my best friend calls me Al.
-- Anonymous User  8/1/2008
I know it's a legit nickname, but I can't help think of the Arabic word for "the". It sounds so insubstantial as a legal name. And it makes me think of that moron Al Gore.
-- bananarama  8/19/2008
Al Bundy - misogynist and archetypal ignorant American male extraordinare - from the 1990's television show 'Married.... with Children' bore this name.
It makes me cautious to use Allen or Alban as a name, for fear of my child having this atrocious nickname inflicted upon him.
-- paintwolf  9/25/2008
Let us not forget Al (short for Alphonse) Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and Al's Toy Barn from Toy Story 2.
-- egyptianpanda  1/28/2010
Al means "the" in Arabic.
-- Nagib Antony  10/12/2013
I like this name, it has a friendly ring to it. I picture an Al as being a nice, respectable person.
-- Anonymous User  2/10/2016
14 baby boys in the USA (2014) were given Al.
-- lilolaf  4/13/2016
It's an adorable nickname. I'm not so sure about it being a good full name, though.
-- actingfun  5/7/2016
I actually really like the name Al. I've always liked it, and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist just made me love the name even more.
-- AmbiguouslyAnonymous  9/15/2016
I always thought that Al is a short form of plenty of names and always asked people for the full name. It's a surprise to me that Al can be full independent name.
-- jessRD  10/11/2016
Also commonly used as a shortening of Alan.

-- lilolaf  2/4/2017
19 baby boys in the USA (2015) were given Al.
-- lilolaf  3/20/2017

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