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St Alban was a Roman, therefore the name being Roman isn't that farfetched. I have a friend who now lives abroad who's just had a son, and she's really pushing for the kid's middle name to be Alban. It's a bit of a dorkish sounding name in my opinion, but since the name was inspired by the city (St Albans) and we both originally come from there, I think it's quite sweet.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2009
Albanian = Alban
from Latin alba = white
taken from Arabic al-ba = milk (white)
Alban = milkman, shepherd
so it's of an Arabic origin.
lazaros  7/2/2008
Alban is also a male Albanian name. Alban was a tribe of Albanians (Albanians were called Arbër at the time). There were many tribes of Arbërs. Apparently foreigners came into contact with this tribe, before the other tribes, giving the name Albanian to all Albanians. Of course Albanians do not call themselves in their mother tounge this name. Albanians in the Albanian language call themselves Shqipëtar (pronounced Shchipetar) like the whole world calls Germans German, yet they refer to themselves as Deutschen. So Alban is also an Albanian name, meaning Albanian, which comes from the Albanian tribe Alban, in their honor.
ARTI  5/28/2008

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