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Looking at this name I would pronounce it like the French Alice, a-LEES.
Lady_Raltz  12/30/2005
What a horrible spelling. It's like ''a lease'' without the space. It makes the parents look like bad spellers and immature teens. A poorly spelled name will always lead to low expectations and discrimination, so you'd better think about that before spelling the name like this.
slight night shiver  5/14/2008
You get a lease on a car, not a baby.
erb816  1/29/2009
Looks like the name of a medication. If this is supposed to be Alicia, the spelling does not make the pronunciation at all intuitive.
Anyechka  9/12/2009
It looks too much like the word please.
Hushpuppy  5/5/2011
At first glance this name looked like "sleaze". Never ever. Alicia/Alice is so much prettier.
blondieboo629  10/22/2011

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