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I do not remember what website I got this information from but I had read that Alena is the Greek version of Helen, and therefore has the same meaning as Helen, some interpreting it as "torch" and some interpreting it as "light".
AlenaJolie  8/28/2005
Alena is also a variant of Helen or Helena which is usually translated as "light."
― Anonymous User  1/20/2007
This name is beautiful and unique. It is different without being weird. The meaning I have found related to this name is Light from Greek origins.
NicoMarie  10/2/2015
This name is from Greek origins meaning Light.
― Anonymous User  10/24/2016
It can be derived either from the Old High German word for "precious" or from the Irish language term "a leanbh"" or "child", in English.

In Gaelic Alannah as itself is the term for "beauty" or "serenity". It's sometimes considered a feminine form of Alan.
Samantha Carter  3/20/2017
The name 'Alena' or in Poland it might be called 'Alina', means 'bright and beautiful', specifically in the Polish language.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2017

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