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Alene is also of Greek origin. It is pronounced ay-leen. The English translation of this name is Helen which means "light" in Hebrew. Variations of the name in Greece/Macedonia also include Eleni, Lenio (nickname/endearing term - pronounced len-yor), Lanka (Macedonian) and of course as mentioned above Helen. There is one variation of this which is a "one of" individual name Alene but pronounced "Ahh-len-EE" (which is my name).
alene  3/21/2005
This is also my name which is pronounced ay-leen. Some people have always had a difficult time pronouncing it. Even pronouncing it "uh-leen" or "ah-leen". But everyone has always commented on how pretty the name is and I have grown to like it.
Alene82  11/30/2005
In Danish "Alene" means "alone" (pronounced something like Ah-leh-nu). Therefore I would never ever use the name!
elliebeth  2/19/2007
Pronounced Uh-leen (as the medicine aleve), the a is like again, about, alive, agree.
amlgoing  3/29/2007
My name is Alene, it is also French and means sharp or bright as in sharp-minded or bright-eyed. I have seen it listed in baby books as Hebrew, but had a Jewish friend that studied Hebrew and she strongly disagreed that it was of Hebrew derivation. Alene is part of the tribal name of the Native American tribe Cour d'Alene, as well as a city in Idaho. I grew to love my name, but hate the ay-leen pronunciation. The Canadian Prime Minister's wife had the name Aline, a variation of Alene.
amlgoing  3/29/2007
My name is Alene and it's pronounced A-leen. Not "UH-leen" or "AH-leen" which are perfectly fine names, but I feel the pronunciation of the "A" as in "acorn" or "Amy" is much more interesting. I've heard nothing but good things about my name. The only thing bad I can say about it is when I was younger I heard the kids calling me "Alien" a few times, but it never hurt me or scarred me for life or anything. I thought it was funny. Kids will find a way to make fun of any name.
alene123  4/18/2008
There's a song called coeur d'Alene by The Head And The Heart, and I'm pretty sure coeur d'Alene is a place too. I pronounce it uh-leen, it's very pretty as well as Eileen :)
― Anonymous User  1/28/2013
My middle name is Alene. Pronounced A lean, long a sound. I really disliked it when young and in school. I was the only one with that name. Now I really like it and have wondered how many others have this name and how you pronounce it.
ttoille1949  5/26/2016
My name is Alene too! I don't typically meet many people with my same name. The way I pronounce the A is the way you say "apple". My great great grandmother named my great grandmother after the town/mountain range/native American tribe/etc. Called Coeur'd'Alene. She liked the last part of that and decided to use the name! And my mother loved it and chose to name me after my great grandmother! It's cool to know there are others with the name since the name is so rare.
Alene1267  11/27/2016

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