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Aleš Kokot is a Slovenian football player, who plays for Kecskeméti TE. Born in Šempeter pri Gorici in western Slovenia, Kokot spent his childhood in the nearby town of Nova Gorica. He started his career at his home club Gorica. There he played eight seasons, winning Prva liga and Slovenian Cup two times before moving to German side SpVgg Greuther Fürth in 2005. Two years later he joined SV Wehen. After another two seasons in Second German league he joined Interblock Ljubljana on 23 June 2009. He was released by Interblock on 24 October 2009 and signed in February 2010 for Kecskeméti TE in Hungary.
cutenose  1/11/2017
Aleš Brichta, Czech rock singer
Aleš Cibulka, , Czech moderator
Aleš Hrdlička, Czech anthropologist and doctor
Aleš Najbrt, Czech graphic designer and filmmaker
Aleš Sigmund, Czech guitarist and composer
Aleš Skřivan, Czech historian
Aleš Valenta, Czech ski jumper
Aleš Vřešťovský of Rýzmburk, Hussite marshal
Aleš Ulm, Czech singer and moderator
Aleš Liamann, Czech freestyle motocross racer
Aleš Razým, Czech skier
Aleš Řebíček, Czechoslovak politician and businessman
Aleš Čeh (born 1968), a Slovenian footballer
Aleš Šmon (born 1982), a Slovenian footballer playing as a midfielder
Aleš Šteger (born 1973), a Slovenian poet and editor
Aleš Bárta (born 1960), a Czech Organist
Aleš Besta (born 1983), a Czech football player
Aleš Chvalovský (born 1979), a Czech goalkeeper
Aleš Debeljak (born 1961), a Slovenian cultural critic, poet, and essayist
Aleš Dryml, Jr. (born 1979), a Czech speedway rider
Aleš Gorza (born 1980), a Slovenian alpine skier
Aleš Hemský (born 1983), a Czech professional ice hockey forward
Aleš Hlad, a Slovenian supermotard racer who lives near Ljubljana, Slovenia
Aleš Kačičnik (born 1973), a Slovenian football defender
Aleš Kokot (born 1979), a Slovenian football player
Aleš Kotalík (born 1978), a professional ice hockey right winger
Aleš Križan (born 1971), a retired Slovenian football defender
Aleš Mejač (born 1983), a Slovenian football midfielder
Aleš Pařez (born 1981), a Czech professional ice hockey player
Aleš Pipan (born 1959), the coach of Zlatorog Lasko and of the Slovenian national basketball team
Aleš Puš (born 1979), a Slovenian football defender
Aleš Ušeničnik (1868–1952), a Slovene Roman Catholic priest, philosopher, sociologist and theologian
Aleš Urbánek (born 1980), a Czech footballer
Aleš Vodseďálek (born 1985), a Czech Nordic combined skier from Jilemnice
Aleš Jindra (born 1973), coach of Liga I champions CFR Cluj
Aleš Píša (born 1977), a professional ice hockey defenceman
Aleš Veselý (born 1935), a Czech sculptor
Josef Aleš-Lyžec (1862–1927), a Czech teacher and sportsman

As surname:
Mikoláš Aleš, Czech painter
MaggieSimpson  7/10/2009
Aleš Hrdlička, an anthroplogist, born 29th March 1869 Humpolec, Czechia - died 5th September 1943 Washington, D.C.
Emilie007  8/12/2008

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