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Alfons Åberg is a popular children's character in Sweden.
― Anonymous User  12/30/2005
Dutch pronunciation is ahl-fons.
X-Mar  2/18/2006
A bearer well-known by anime fans is Alfons Heiderich from the Fullmetal Alchemist movie.
dresden  1/18/2007
This name is also used in Sweden, although it is rare. One of the most loved series of children's books in Sweden is that of Alfons Åberg, written by Gunilla Bergström. In the English translation his name is Alfie Atkins.
Kirushka  12/29/2008
Sad to say that this name means 'pimp' (as in "prostitute boss") in Danish.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2009
The "pimp" meaning is also dominating in Poland. This meaning is due to a character from "The Lady of the Camellias" by Alexandre Dumas, fils.
prakash  4/3/2011
Alfons Schuhbeck (1949-), German chef and author.
CarolinW  2/26/2012
This is my dad's name. He was born in Germany in 1958. No one ever names their son Alfons in Canada!
RomanCS02  2/12/2017

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