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Interesting name. I don't really like that it's a nickname meaning having a mustache though. That entomology is a bit simple I guess.
XironDarkstar  12/5/2017
Amazing meaning :D
Chrila96  9/10/2010
This is an absolutely amazingly bombastic name, without overstating it too much. I think this name is wonderful! :)
walesgal92  8/21/2010
I secretly adore this name, though I know I'll never get away with using it on a child. However, because I'm a writer, I can use it on a character. I wish someone else would have the chutzpah to name their child Algernon. If I ever encountered someone with this name, I would be happy for a month!
― Anonymous User  7/26/2010
The only reason why I think this name is interesting is the meaning.
-Julia-  9/6/2009
Sounds very Arabic to me. You know, Algebra, Algeria, Algernon.
angolmois  8/1/2009
Oh my god. Algy is the perfect name for the child of a lit professor and a marine biologist. It's so cute and odd and quirky and natural. Though naming your child after a lab rat requires a somewhat twisted sense of humor. Every child is an experiment.

On another note, in Harry Potter, Neville has a Great Uncle Algie (brother of Augusta?). Who I think threw him out of a window.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2009
I love this name! It rolls off the tongue so nicely, it has an entertaining meaning, and I love the character Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest. However, I also feel this name sounds a little pretentious and I have a feeling the boy would just be called Al which I hate.
pandasayscynical  8/6/2008
"Having a mustache." That is the greatest meaning ever! I would use this if the little mousey didn't make me so sad.
gio2475  5/26/2008
This sounds like a very old elitist name that hasn't been used in 200 years or so. Using it today woulkd be the height of pretentiousness.
slight night shiver  5/14/2008
Algernon Charles Swinburne was a famous Victorian era British poet, who devised a form of verse called a roundel.
Laurea  3/6/2008
Algernon makes me think of the short novel, Flowers for Algernon. I wouldn't name a boy this, since for me Algernon will always be the name of a rat.
maria_martillo  10/3/2007
When I hear "Algernon" I think of the Argo (the Greek ship). It may be a Norman name, but it sounds rather Greek to me. It would probably get some odd looks as a first name, and could seem out of place on a teenager or child. But it could be a really good middle name.
― Anonymous User  9/13/2007
When I first encountered this name, I thought the g was pronounced like in goat. But then I found out it's pronounced like a j. I prefer the first way better.
ragrabbit  6/29/2007
In my name book it says it means "with whiskers". "Having a moustache" sounds better. More human.
― Anonymous User  1/2/2007
I think that Algernon wouldn't be a very good name now. You'd always be associated with Flowers For Algernon and rats.
BohemeFatale  9/13/2006
Algernon is the name of a character in the Oscar Wilde play "The Importance of Being Earnest", called Algy.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
There is a story (which also had a movie based on it named CHARLIE) called FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON, Algernon being a lab rat.
Tiffany Twisted  12/2/2005

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