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Pronounced: a-lee-u
-- Anonymous User  2/5/2005
Pronounced: uh-lee-uh or ah-lee-uh
-- Alia  2/20/2005
Impression: Sheds new light on any dilemma, quietly brave and fiercely loyal, applauds the efforts of others, dramatic in her ways, ponders great issues and finds solutions, a fearless adversary, does not hesitate to get involved, she enhances her looks with a smile.
-- Anonymous User  2/20/2005
ALIA is derived from the name AALIYAH. It is more commonly used in Egypt. The meaning is similar to that of AALIYAH meaning "Highest, Most Exhalted" or "to ascend".
-- missaaliyah  5/13/2005
Queen Alia of Jordan (1948-77) was a bearer of this name.
-- Alena  8/15/2005
This is a pretty, feminine, not-overused name.
-- gigibee  6/4/2006
Alia Shawkat is an American actress who has starred in television programs such as 'Arrested Development' and 'State of Grace'.
-- EricaAlexis90  7/1/2006
Pronounced Ah-leah.
-- minikupcake  12/2/2006
Alia is the younger sister of Paul Atreides, better know as Muad'dib, from Frank Herbert's Dune books. She was awakened to consciousness in the womb, "pre-born", considered an abomination by the Bene Gesserit.
-- indiana ann  12/27/2006
Actor Stephen Baldwin has a daughter named Alia.
-- ScarletCrow  1/24/2007
Alia means other/other/else in Latin.
-- greta-elisif  8/23/2008
I've always assumed that Alia in the Dune books had the Latin rather than the Semitic name: is anyone aware of evidence that her name was in fact a form of Aliyah etc and not a Latin word meaning: Other, or: Different?

In view of the fact that the women's college, Bene Gesserit, with its very high standards has a name meaning "She Will Have Done Well", Frank Herbert seemed to enjoy using Latin names.
-- Anneza  3/25/2010
Concerning Alia Atreides, I presume the Semitic meaning was intended as Alia was the "Womb of Heaven". Lofty and Heaven seem to go together naturally.
-- Leodios  10/5/2010
I absolutely love this name. I also like the spelling Aliyah, but Alia is really my favorite. It reminds me of a sweet little girl, probably because of six-year-old Alia in the book series The Shadow Children, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
-- Joy12  4/17/2011
Alia is also used as a masculine name.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2013
This is my 6 year old cousin's name, and she's so adorable! I love this name. She pronounces it Ah-lee-ah. It's usually spelled Aaliyah, but she spells it differently. :) "ALIA"
-- Cassidy_  3/5/2014

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