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The name is used in Sweden (although it's rather uncommon). My great-grandmother was called Alida.
-- Caprice  7/30/2005
This is also used in the Netherlands. Pretty name!
-- Lauracer  9/2/2005
I am from Argentina. Here, Alida isn't a common name, but I know about 4 or 5 more. The pronunciaton of this name here is with accent in first A. I love my name, really. It's beautiful to me!
-- alida  10/20/2005
Alida is a family name, and my middle name. I love the way it sounds. I pronounce it uh-LIE-duh.
-- tangerina  3/23/2006
Italian actress Alida Valli (May 3, 1921-April 22, 2006), who starred in films such as "The Paradine Case" (1947) and "The Third Man" (1949), was a famous bearer of this name.
-- alberto  4/25/2006
Alida is also German, English, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Serbian and Croatian form.
-- Karcoolka  1/31/2008
Alida Marroni is the new keyboard/vocalist for the Victory Records band "1997." She replaced former band member, Kerri Mack. They're a pretty good band, I think.

Anyways, I think Alida is a pretty name, and it seems pretty unique.
-- Peachie  7/31/2008
This name is very pretty sounding.
-- Hushpuppy  1/30/2009
The German pronunciation is ah-LEE-dah. [noted -ed]
-- mafiosa  8/6/2009
I really like this name. It has a nice, feminine sound and looks nice when written.
-- GibsonGirl  10/13/2011
This person I know has this name and the first thing I asked her was what it meant, it sounded so lovely and fairytale like.
-- nevercontent  10/20/2011
Hungarian pronunciation: AW-li-daw.
-- HerculePoirot  7/14/2016

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