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Would you pronounce this A-lee-ay-nore?
SophieLucilleWinter  12/31/2009
Alienor of Aquitaine (also known as Eleonore) was the Queen Consort of Louis VII of France and later of Henry II of England. She was the mother of Richard Lionheart and John Lackland.
CarolinW  6/7/2012
One of my friends, who is part Occitan, has recently named her daughter this. I think it's really nice - I like this name and a lot of other Occitan names.
Acajou  4/2/2017
We are a Anglo/French family who live in France where the famous Aliénor d'Aquitaine was from (Eleanor of Aquitaine in English). I named my daughter Alyénor to avoid the word "alien" within the name. Same pronunciation in French!
lmsl  6/26/2017
This alternate spelling also exists: Alyénor.
― Anonymous User  6/26/2017

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