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This is not only a Russian name, but an English one as well. On the website, it is the #603 most common U.S. female name.
-- behindthename  8/28/2005
I have known two people with this name, one of my friends and the mother of one of my brother's friends, and I think it is really cute! It can also be a different spelling of Elisa (as is the case with the mother of my brother's friend), or an elaboration of Lisa (as is the case with my friend).
-- Anonymous User  9/10/2006
Alisa is a very pretty name. I like both this spelling and the spelling "Elisa".
-- Anonymous User  9/12/2006
I have a friend named Alisa (born in late 1991). At school, she is always called "Alyssa" by teachers. She gets fed up with it sometimes, and says she sort of wishes that her name was just "Lisa". I can't imagine her being anything else, though!
-- Pheadirean  12/29/2006
The first woman to ever win gold at the winter Olympics for Australia is Alisa Camplin. She competed in skiing in 1998 and won gold. In Torino she won Bronze. Quite a big achievement.
-- Koolgal  3/28/2007
The name Alisa became popular in the 80`s in Russia after the science fiction author Kir Bulitjev wrote a whole series of (children`s) books about a girl living in the future who was called Alisa. Afterwards a movie and a cartoon were made, based on these stories.
-- alisa  4/11/2007
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
-- earthnut  7/2/2007
This was the author and philosopher Ayn Rand's birth name. Ayn Rand was best known for her philosophy known as Objectivism and her books Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead and We The Living.
-- mymymetrocard  7/17/2007
I think this name sounds great! Plus, it's not common in the United States yet (knock on wood). My name is Allison and I was named after my great-grandmother Alice. I would consider naming my daughter this (If I have one). It would be a nice way to pass my great-grandmother's name and my own name to my little girl.
-- Coffeebean  9/27/2007
I find this name very nice. It's quite unusual for Russia but it's not very popular there.
-- Poulina  6/10/2008
Alisa Soto is the best friend of the main character's little sister who later finds out that she is a half-with with full blood-with powers in the Wiccan "Sweep" book series by Cate Tiernan. Alisa was afraid of witches long before she ever knew she was one. Her mother renounced her powers before Alisa was born, and somehow, Alisa ended up inheriting them, so she ran away to her mother's hometown to find her maternal family.
-- MaggAims2Live  8/19/2008
Alisa is the German spelling of the Hebrew name Aliza which means joyful. Also a Dutch variant of Alice.
-- Swiff  8/4/2009
The name Alisa is also used in Turkey.
-- starz26  3/28/2010
This name is so lovely, and suits a girl all through her life. I prefer it to Alice, though that too is a pretty name.
-- ListenToAsuka  5/14/2010
Very popular name in Russia these days.
-- Jogitta  2/19/2011
Every Alisa I met has been brilliant. Ayn Rand's original name was Alisa (although I'm not necessarily endorsing that writer's ideas). It's not part of the overused 'Elisa, Elyssa' family so there's a bit of cachet.
-- arch_nemesis_20  12/20/2011
My name is Alisa, I love my name, but constantly correct people. "Alyssa" seems to be the go-to. There are so many similar variations my best friend in high school was Alicia, we also had a friend named Lisa... confusing mess.
-- Anonymous User  6/2/2013
Also used in Finland. [noted -ed]
-- Erme Ioainna  7/14/2013
My name is Alisa. My mother's middle name is Alicia, and my mom has always liked that Alyssa, Alisa, Alicia, etc. My mother wanted to name me Alicia, but without the Hispanic sound. She didn't want people to get the wrong idea because growing up she was considered uneducated as a Hispanic girl. Anyway, she tweaked the name to Alisa. After I was born she met a waitress at Applebees with the name and decided it was perfect.
-- Anonymous User  8/10/2014

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