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The first woman to ever win gold at the winter Olympics for Australia is Alisa Camplin. She competed in skiing in 1998 and won gold. In Torino she won Bronze. Quite a big achievement.
Koolgal  3/28/2007
The name Alisa became popular in the 80`s in Russia after the science fiction author Kir Bulitjev wrote a whole series of (children`s) books about a girl living in the future who was called Alisa. Afterwards a movie and a cartoon were made, based on these stories.
alisa  4/11/2007
This was the author and philosopher Ayn Rand's birth name. Ayn Rand was best known for her philosophy known as Objectivism and her books Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead and We The Living.
mymymetrocard  7/17/2007
Alisa Soto is the best friend of the main character's little sister who later finds out that she is a half-with with full blood-with powers in the Wiccan "Sweep" book series by Cate Tiernan. Alisa was afraid of witches long before she ever knew she was one. Her mother renounced her powers before Alisa was born, and somehow, Alisa ended up inheriting them, so she ran away to her mother's hometown to find her maternal family.
MaggAims2Live  8/19/2008
Alisa Alekseyevna Kozhikina is a Russian child singer, who in 2014 won the first season of TV singing contest The Voice Kids Russia. Later that year she represented Russia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Malta with her song "Dreamer."
cutenose  1/9/2017
Alisa Sadikova is a prodigy classical harpist from Russia. Alisa Sadikova was born on 30 March 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Harpist and family friend Olga Shevelevich first spotted the young girlʼs talent when she showed Sadikova a musical piece that the five-year-old started playing right away on the harp. Shelevich subsequently became her music teacher. Currently, Sadikova also studies at the Special Music School of Saint Petersburg Conservatory, with Karina Maleeva, under maestro Vladimir Spivakovʼs sponsorship.
lilolaf  6/24/2017

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