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Alisha is usually pronounced as ə-LEE-shə. My name is Alisha, and I know two others with the same name pronounced the same way. [noted -ed]
alicehartley4884  1/24/2011
The Alisha I know pronounces it A-LISH-a which is exactly how it looks to be pronounced. I think it would be much easier to understand if A-LISH-a was always spelled Alisha and a-lee-sha was spelled Alesha and a-lee-see-uh was spelled Alicia.
Ranchie  10/24/2011
My name is Alisha. Pronounced Ah-lee-sha. I get called Ah-lish-a quite a bit. I much prefer the spelling Alicia.
KhaosKitten7  11/23/2016

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