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This (name) word is also used now as the term to describe a Jewish person immigrating to Israel.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2004
This is going to be my granddaughter's name and I think it is very beautiful and feminine.
Honeyrose  8/4/2007
This is not a Hebrew name at all. There is a similar name spelled אליה which would be pronounced exactly the same for English speakers. The meaning of the word is the fat part of a sheep's tail.
tFighterPilot  1/26/2011
This is the same root name as the High-Priest ELI, who was the foster father to the prophet, SAMUEL.
Sabertooth  9/6/2014
I think it's a beautiful name very feminine. But Aliyah? Basically calling your child "A Liar?"
I can hear people taking the mick, "Aliyah's a Liar!"

Still a good name though.
Esther Sheldrick  3/15/2016
This is my middle name! I was named after Aaliyah, a famous singer who, unfortunately, passed away in a plane crash a little more than 12 years ago...
Blaxworth  7/13/2016
I think this would be pronounced Aa-lee-ah not A-lye-ah..?
― Anonymous User  9/21/2016

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