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Allison is a pretty common classic name. I've had the name for 14 years and I really like my name. My full name is Allison Dennis Vale and I'm a 14 year old russian boy with with long platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia and I'm one of the few boys in the world today named Allison.

Allison is mostly a female name now for girls and women but my parents named me Allison when I was born, so I'm a boy named Allison. Luckily, no one teases me and bullies me at school about my name and everyone I meet are nice to me and they like my name.

I have two other girl friends at my school also named Allison and they like my name Allison too! Allison was originally a boy's name in the beginning and it later became a girl's name in the mid 20th Century. Do you know any other boys like me named Allison?

If you do, tell us about it.
Allison59  3/13/2014

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