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I think this is either a woman's name or gender neutral. Oddly enough, I learned about it from the Sims (as there was a female Sim in the game named Allyn).

That being said, I would only recommend using this to name someone after their dad or a relative, or use it as a middle name. Even with the spelling it still sounds a bit masculine for a girl. Either that or hyphenate it with another name (such as Leigh-Allyn, for example) to make it a bit more feminine.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2017
Bob Dylan almost named himself "Robert Allyn". I personally would have prefered if he did, but oh well. "Bob Dylan" it is.
summer wind  4/27/2008
I think that Allyn is a girl's name.
YMPvt  2/23/2007
I agree. I'm a girl and my middle name is Allyn. I was named after my dad who's middle name is Allan.
yuri  9/8/2007

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