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I really hate this spelling of Alison - it doesn't feel the same.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2005
It is meant to be spelt Alison, whoever made this spelling up, trying to be original but just not.
bellaboo  10/24/2006
This happens to be how my name is spelt and I love it. And no name is meant to be spelt a certain way, it is original and I am very proud to have it. It's a classic name. Seems anyone with the name Allyson or the variant of it spell their nickname as Ally. As do many other names such Alexandra. The name is popular and is the orginal owner of the nickname Ally. Unlike many other names that use it. It's a great name.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2007
My twin sister's name is Alyson, but it was supposed to be Allyson, but when the people in the hospital were tranferring her name into the computer, the lady left out the second l, so now she's Alyson Marie. Oh well. I think she'd be evil even if she had both ls.
California_Eli  2/18/2008
It looks like the parents wanted to name their daughter Ally, but decided she needed a "formal" name, so they tacked -son onto the end. Blah. I much prefer the older, more elegant forms of Allyson - Alison, Alice, and Adelaide.
Skittsie13  2/19/2008
I think Allyson is a great name. One of my best friend's name was spelled Allysen. I think she should be proud of the way her name is spelt with an "e" instead of an "o". It makes it look more feminine in my opinion.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
I personally think this is the prettiest spelling of the name. My very closest friend is Allyson, and I love it! I'm planning on using it with my own children someday. Anyways, I think this is a gorgeous spelling. And makes the most sense for the nickname "Ally."
― Anonymous User  1/7/2010
lucyskydiamonds  1/15/2010

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