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Alma College is a small liberal arts college in the middle of lower Michigan.
-- Anonymous User  9/14/2005
Alma was the name of Hitchcock's wife, who worked closely with him on most of his films.
-- Anonymous User  12/26/2005
Alma Del Mar is the name of Michelle Williams' character in Brokeback Mountain. Beautiful name.
-- bschoer10  2/14/2006
Alma was a prophet in the Book of Mormon (and had a son named after him, who was also a prophet).
-- Anonymous User  2/19/2006
Alma Maria Mahler-Werfel was a beautiful and intelligent Viennese composer who lived from 1879 to 1964. She was married to composer Gustav Mahler, then architect Walter Gropius, then novelist Franz Werfel.
-- NinaCorleone  3/24/2007
Alma is the name of a few characters in The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.
-- Anonymous User  6/3/2007
A famous bearer is Alma the Younger from the Book of Mormon.
-- Anonymous User  5/10/2008
Alma is the main antagonist in the video game F.E.A.R. She appears to be a very creepy little girl. She appears a lot throughout the games- most of the time ducking out of sight or out of the corner the player's eye.
-- Wilted  4/19/2009
Alma is the name of the main character's younger sister in Final Fantasy Tactics. When I think of this name I think of her, a gentle and kind, blonde girl. Not an old woman.
-- krazykels  7/12/2009
I associate this name with the wonderful 19th century painter, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. He is well known for his crystal-clear paintings of idyllic Classical scenes.
-- New_Chloe  9/21/2009
Alma Mahler wife of the great composer Gustav Mahler and Alma Gluck, American soprano.
-- Anton  3/11/2010
From the Book of Mormon, part of the scriptures in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. Alma the Elder was believed to be a Nephite prophet living around 173 b.c. in South America. When the Book of Mormon first introduces Alma the Elder, he is a wicked priest of the wicked King Noah who watches God's prophet, Abinadi, burn at the stake. He then repents of his wrongdoings and becomes a prophet. Alma the younger is, according to the LDS faith, Alma the Elder's rebellious son who went around with the sons of Mosiah (Mosiah II, not to be confused with Mosiah I) trying to destroy the church. Alma was struck down by an angle and had a vision where he sorrowed greatly for his sins. He and the sons of Mosiah repented and became missionaries. Alma later became the prophet.
-- tessareea1  7/14/2010
An "Alma, son of Judah" appears in the dead sea scrolls. 2 men named Alma appear in the Book Of Mormon (before the discovery of the first, the feminine and Latin origin of the name was used to support arguments that the book is fictional).
-- deuxhero  9/11/2010
The widow Alma Garrett (played by Molly Parker) is one of the main characters of the Western TV show "Deadwood" (2004--2006).
-- erb816  11/2/2010
British singer Alma Cogan (1932-66) - very glamorous and known as "the girl with the giggle in her voice".
-- Just Jonquil  12/6/2010
Alma Coin is the president of District Thirteen in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
-- Dawson  12/15/2010
Alma is the name of a 2009 animated short film by Rodrigo Blaas. In it, Alma is a young girl who gets trapped in a doll store.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2011
Not really a famous bearer of the name, but there is a character in an online comic named Alma. She's part of kougawuv's story about Thanatos called Gallows Humor on deviantart.
-- Manda Riley  5/11/2011
This name was used by Edmund Spenser for a character in his epic poem 'The Faerie Queene.' Alma was a beautiful virgin whose castle was besieged by evil knights, but was rescued by Prince Arthur and Sir Guyon. She welcomed the two knights into her house. The robber knights resumed their siege, but Arthur defeated them for good by slaying their leader, Maleger.
-- Anonymous User  9/3/2011
This is the name of Alma Hodge, Orson's first wife on Desperate Housewives. She is crazy.
-- TheSalmon2550  5/26/2016

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