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This is a beautiful strong name.
kookiemonster71  7/21/2006
I love this name a lot! Maybe my view is sort of jaded, as this is close to my name /Alana/ but I truly think that Alondra is a beautiful Spanish name.
bobcat_explorer  12/28/2006
The Spanish "o" is not pronounced AW, it is pronounced O (using BtN pronunciation key). But then, I have only been taking the class for two years. I could be wrong.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2007
The Anonymous User is right-- it should be pronounced ah-LON-drah.
Aqua  4/26/2008
Etymology is (completely and utterly) wrong. Alondra means "skylark". It's usually implied that it's for a person with a beautiful voice, since skylarks are regarded as beautiful singers in the Spanish-speaking world (dunno why, I mean, in my country there aren't any larks). [noted -ed]
ely_riverbank  4/17/2011
Unfortunately, especially the United States, the name "Alondra" will be seen as a unprofessional, unintelligent, pompous, childish, and perhaps moreso than the others: "kre8tiv" (made-up). If the child in question is of Spanish decent and bears a surname to pair, there may be a slight, very slim chance of acceptance. I urge parents to take caution, however. Consider all the possibilities... "Will the name prove to be a barrier in the professional world?" "Will s/he be wrongly denied success?" "Will s/he be subject to mocking?" and "Will I be thanked later in life for the name given?"

Having said that; I personally find this name incredibly hard to swallow. It is hard and rough to the ear... very unattractive when written, as well.
Francesca  5/15/2011
I must disagree with this person's comment. I don't see anything remotely "unintelligent","pompous" or "kre8tiv" about the name Alondra. I think it's a perfectly fine name.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2012
I think I have a pretty cool name. I've never been found unprofessional for it, no one's ever mocked it, in fact it's a hard name to make. I mean people could mock the name Justine by saying "Just-in-A-Minute Justine" but nothing sounds like Alondra. Besides other names like Alejandra, but that's a simple mistake and can be corrected by saying "No, it's Alondra." and I've never been wrongly denied success for it. People are actually always telling me how nice it is. I don't think it's ugly when written, and it's not hard to swallow. So The previous comment that said all this stuff is completely inaccurate. Therefore name your kid Alondra if you want and don't be scared. Name your kid Ponyboy Curtis if you want. Be free and do what you want, it's none of society's business what your kid's name is.
Alondra  7/9/2014
I like this name.
I don't care what "Francesca" says. How boring it would be if everybody has a white collar corporate name. If companies are hiring on the basis of a name, my kid won't apply.
Danny T  3/18/2017
This is a very beautiful name. I've also seen it spelled Alandra which I also like.
amebell  5/22/2011
There is a girl that transferred out of state into my school named Alondra. I think it's a very, very pretty name myself.
Morgaine  7/30/2012
Alondra was a Mexican telenovela that aired in 1995.
― Anonymous User  7/10/2013
I have never, never been seen as unprofessional, at least so far in my career within the art world. I am fully Mexican, so my last name does compliment it so much that when I get married, I plan on keeping it. As far as jokes, usually people try to sing Lady GaGa's "Alejandro" with that name in its place only to find the syllables don't match. I have always been complimented on how lovely it is (along with my signature and way I print my name) It is very subjective and depends on who and how they write it or pronounce it, as it is from a foreign language.
ajara  11/4/2014
I think the name "Alondra" is rather stricking, and impressive!
pasondra  5/26/2015
This name makes me think of a laundromat.
― Anonymous User  1/10/2016
My name is Alondra and I love it. It is from an artist and it is a bird.
cocoalondra  1/26/2017
I must disagree with the notion that this name sounds unprofessional. It sounds very much like Alana and Cassandra and is not made up. Compare this to names like Paisley, Kinsley, or made up nonsense like Acelyn, this name holds a level of sophistication the former don't.
Quro  5/1/2017
Well, I think the name Alondra sounds strong. Thanks to my parents for giving me such a beautiful name :)
Alonhdra04  5/10/2017

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