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My name is Alycia pronounced a-LEE-SEE-ah and I constantly get called a-lee-SH-a and a-lis-see-ah, but half the time I don't even notice that people get my name wrong, I am more likely to notice when they get it right. It seems to annoy other people more than it annoys me.
Alycia  3/30/2007
It's only pretty pronounced A-LEE-see-uh. It's nice but will be confused with Alicia (A-lee-sha).
italiannames  12/23/2009
Alycia Debnam-Carey, actress in Fear the Walking Dead and The 100.
Tokisaki  3/26/2016
My name is Alycia (Uh-lee-shUh), but people commonly say (Uh-lee-see-uh).
― Anonymous User  9/25/2017
I'm Alycia. It's my mum's middle name. I commonly get called Alicia though. I've met one other person who spells and pronounces it the same (Uh-lee-shUH). She was my waitress at a Longhorns Steak House. She's met two people who spell and pronounce it the same (including me). I guess we're a rare bunch.
ACreativeUsername  9/25/2017

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