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This is my name and I love it. It makes me feel special in a way. But it's very annoying because no one knows how to spell it.
Alysha.143  3/3/2019
Totally ruins the beauty of Alicia.
kayisforkeen  9/14/2018
This is the cutest way to spell Alysha! It revitalizes a common name.
foreverslowly  4/10/2018
The name Alysha is better, only because it is my name.
leelee17  12/2/2015
My friend is called this name, but spelt "Alyshea". I think it's a really nice, unique name and suits her perfectly.
zoe x  10/7/2011
I like this. I think I like it just a tiny bit better than Alicia.
Joy12  4/27/2011
This is my name, and I've always hated it. The way I pronounce it is a-LEE-sha, and all of my life people have pronounced it like "A-lish-a", or I've been called Ashley or Alyssa. It has never been spelled right, believe me, it's been spelled every way you can imagine... Alicia, Alesha, Alisha, Aleshia, etc, etc. I also was in a class with another girl named Alysha, and people thought her name was Alysha and mine was Ashley! Also there aren't many nicknames for it, once I was called "Al", which I hated, and one teacher had a habit of calling me "Leeshee", which reminds me of sushi. I personally don't think any future Alysha's will want to live life with this name.
― Anonymous User  1/21/2011
I LOVE this spelling of the name. I hate any other spellings, they all are very common and annoying. "Alicia" can be pronounced several different ways.

This is the name of my little sister who is very special to me, and I've given her the nickname "Eeshee". I don't know why, it's just been what I call her ever since she was born. Alysha is a cute and unique spelling, fit for a spunky girl with lots of family pride!
keegankira  10/22/2006
I like Alicia better.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2006

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