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My name is Alyssia and it is pronounced uh-lee-see-uh. It is so hard to get people to realize that that is the way to pronounce my name. I don't see why people name their daughters Alyssia and decide it should be pronounced uh-lee-sha. There is no h in my name. Maybe it is just me.
mamalysa  12/13/2006
My name is Alyssia and it is pronounced ah-lis-ee-ah. I was born in 1979. The name seems to be becoming more common now but in my earlier years (elementary through middle school) my name seemed unique.
Alyssiacakes  2/25/2015
We named our daughter (born in September 1991) Alyssia. I quite liked the name Alyssa and thought it would sound nice with an "i" before the final "a" (prounouncing this as the earlier "y" is pronounced). It never occured to me at that time that the name Alicia existed and when she was born, the birth congratulation cards all arrived with the old-fashioned spelling of the name (Alicia).
craftyjay  8/23/2016

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