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Pronounced like "Ahlzhbieta".
Karcoolka  3/12/2007
Pronounced as "AHL-zh-bye-tah".
Karcoolka  6/27/2007
Name Day celebrated on the 5th of October.
MaggieSimpson  5/16/2008
Alžběta of Luxemburg (28th February 1409-19th November 1442, Győr) was the only daughter of Zikmund of Luxemburg, Holy Roman Emperor, king of Hungary and Bohemia, by his second wife Barbara Celjska. Her father was the last male descent of the House of Luxemburg on the Imperial Throne. Her husband was Albert II of Habsburg.
Children: Georg, Anna, Elisabeth, Ladislav the Posthumous
Emilie007  10/24/2008
Alžběta of Pomeranian (1347 – 15 April 1393) was the fourth and final wife of Karel IV, Holy Roman Emperor and king of Bohemia. Her parents were Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania and Alžběta of Silesia, (died 1361). Her maternal grandparents were Kazimierz III, King of Poland and Aldona of Lithuania.

Anna of Bohemia (1366–1394), who was married to Richard II of England
Zikmund (1368–1437), the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia and Hungary
Jan von Görlitz (1370–1396)
Karel (13 March 1372–24 July 1373)
Markéta (1373–1410), who was married to Jan III, Burgrave of Nürnberg
Jindřich (1377–1378)
Emilie007  10/24/2008
This is my real name! It's somewhat uncommon here in Czech Republic. I kind of like the name itself but have yet to think of a nickname that sounds good. The one I hate most is probably "Betynka"... due to this name's ancient tradition among small yappy dog owners, I find myself responding when someone's calling their dog. D:
orlageddon  11/3/2012

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