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This name means born on Saturday in Ga also. In Ghana it is customary for children to be named after the day they were born or a respected elder.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2005
Also means "heaven" in Japanese.
leananshae  12/29/2007
Also means love in Latin.
Hushpuppy  4/10/2008
In Latin, the word for love is 'amor', not 'ama', as incorrectly stated above. The verb 'to love' is 'amo', coming a bit closer to 'ama', but still not the same.
that one  5/12/2011
Indeed, the present singular imperative of the Latin verb Amare is spelled "Ama."
CYrusBORG  7/19/2015
Ama also means "water" in Cherokee. Additionally, Ama can also mean "salt", "a spring", or "wet" in Cherokee.
Christiangirl0909  6/10/2008

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