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Pronounced ah-mah-te-ṙah-suu.
lilolaf  5/14/2017
It's important to realize that Japanese is spoken in many different dialects, and so, the exact pronunciation of a word or name in the language can sound different depending upon dialect or even context. Therefore, "Amaterasu" has a couple of different pronunciations. However, the most accurate pronunciation (Tokyo-dialect) would be "ah-MAH-teh-RAH-soo." The "rah" could also be said "lah" (southern dialects), and the "soo" could be dropped so that the final syllable is "rahs" or "lahs."
― Anonymous User  4/12/2015
The "u" at the end of Amaterasu is actually silent.
AnneBeeche  1/26/2011
It's pronounced AH-mah-te-rah-soo.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2006
Pronounced Ah-mah-teh-lah-soo, or a-ma-te-ra-tsoo. (possibly ah-mah-tehr-AH-soo).
Rosethorn08  2/21/2006

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