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アマヤ are the Japanese characters for Amaya and 夜雨 are the characters for night rain.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2016
The name Amaya is a Japanese name meaning night rain. This information can be found in a book called "Baby Names Around the World".
― Anonymous User  6/3/2016
On Amaya being a Japanese name, I have never heard the character for "rain" being read as "ama". It's "ame", pronounced ah-MEH, and if that reading does indeed exist it seems quite rare. I've never encountered the name in a Japanese context; if it does exist, it's most likely a newly created name in the language.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2012
I don't see why some people are doubting that the Japanese name Amaya exists. The kanji for it are "雨夜", they do indeed mean "night rain" and in combination they are pronounced Amaya. (Source: WWWJDIC.) A Google search on the kanji will turn up several actual examples of the name in use. Maybe an uncommon name, but not a fictitious one.
Kiriko  11/14/2010
Amaya means free spirited and reality.
sugarpuff98  2/15/2009
This is NOT a Japanese name. It also doesn't have any meaning in Japanese. It doesn't even sound much like the Japanese words for "night" and "rain". Somebody made that up because he thought it sounded kind of close to these words (but it actually doesn't sound much like them) and hasn't been used in Japan at all.

This derives it from Amaia which means "the end". It has already been corrected on this site.

Kind of funny because I guess one of the reasons why it became common is because people liked the false meaning that had been added everywhere.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2008
In Japanese it also means 'night rain'.
― Anonymous User  1/4/2008
The name is of Basque origin. In addition to meaning "the end" in Basque, Amaya is a historical city in Spain.

The name is not a true name in Japan but looks as if someone combined Ame (rain) and yoru (night) to come up with it.
[noted -ed]
SSF  10/13/2006
This is a female name in "Euskera", the language of the Basque Country (Euskalerria). Means "the begining of the end".
cesar81  10/11/2006

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