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People probably automatically assume that this name is pronounced "ah-MAY-ah". Well, judging by the spelling (and my prior knowledge of Japanese), I think this name is most likely pronounced "ah-MYE-ah". Thanks!
bschoer10  6/23/2006
My mom's friend's granddaughter has this name. Yes, it is pronounced ah-mye-ah.
Brianna Angela  6/29/2007
I think this name is beautiful, but I think it can be pronounced A-mye-ah or A-may-ah. I would pronounce it A-mye-ah. Lovely!
rhiannon4  9/24/2007
Pronounced A-My-Ah (Spanish).
― Anonymous User  2/15/2009
I've only heard it pronounced A-Mye-Ah. When I was working as a waitress, two of the guys wives were pregnant and due at the same time. Both of them, without even knowing it, named their daughters Amaya. I'd never heard the name up to that point and then two acquaintances named their daughters this at the same time. It was weird.
wbbuff  2/25/2010
Okay, so the name "Amaya" is indeed Japanese for "Night Rain". It is pronounced "A-Mah-yah", the "a"s make a long "a" sound, not short. Amaya also has it's own kanji "雨夜", just because it means yoru Ame, the name does not need to be grammatically correct. The same idea applies to virtually all kanji compounds as well. Take for example, 新聞 [shin-bun], which means newspaper. 新 means new, and 聞 means hear. If you put the meanings of "new" and "hear" together, we intuitively derive the meaning "news". As you can see, there is no mechanical or grammatical way to derive this meaning.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2014
My name is Amaya and it is pronounced aMAYa.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
My name is Amaya. The "a" makes the short "a" sound the "ma" sounds like "my" then ya stays like ya. So all together it sounds like amyya.
Amaya age 10  3/28/2015
My last name is Amaya and it is pronounced Ah-mai (sounds like "hi") -ah.

Been told many times it is Japanese.
Amaya5050  8/22/2015
My name is indeed Amaya. The way I pronounce my name is "UH-MY-UH", or "AH-MY-AH". People usually say it the wrong way, as "A-mie-a, or "A-mi-uh", but that is wrong. There is different ways to actually say it, but I just stick with one.
Amaya_rulez  4/3/2017

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