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I agree, the name has Italian origins as well as Spanish and Portuguese. This is my Grandfather's name and his parents came from Italy to America (hence the reason he was named that? Not sure.) He goes by the nickname of 'Chipper' though; Americo is for formal purposes only.
ginamarie  5/2/2009
Since the name has an accent over the "e", the second syllable should be stressed not the third. Without the accent however the third syllable is stressed. [noted -ed]
melpy  10/22/2007
Although the name is truly in the Spanish and Portuguese languages, it is also Italian as well. The reason I state this is because my name is Americo and the name derives back to my family and my Italian ancestry. Simple proof of this is to search through any Italian news website or book and I guarantee at least 10 Italian men with the name "Americo." The pronunciation listing is inaccurate also. The phonetic pronunciation "am-er-EE-ko" does not correspond to Spanish and Portuguese, but it is ironically Italian! I know for a fact that Spanish and Portuguese pronunciation is just the same as "America" just with the "a" replaced with an "o." I also know this because many famous Spanish and Portuguese authors spell their name "Américo" indicating the phonetic pronunciation a-MER-ik-oh, and I have had my name mispronounced that way my entire life. This is an error that I needed to clear up as an Italian, and to give a well-known name its credit from one of the languages it derived from.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2005

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