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The Latin form of the Greek name Amyce-Amyke (pronounced Ameekee in Greek). Amyke was the daughter of Salaminos from Cyprus.
Damis  3/3/2005
Amice Valois was the illegitimate daughter of King Louis the VII of France and an unknown mistress. She was also the cousin of Isabella Valois.
lola_ebola  7/21/2005
I think the name Amice is beautiful. If you named something or someone, Amice and had another daughter, and named her Amity, it would be splendid since they come from the same word, and mean the same thing.
Truely  5/18/2008
I cannot figure out how to pronounce this name. Am-i-see? Am-iss? Am-is-ee? Still, it's a very pretty name however it's pronounced.
Aliria  1/30/2016
Well, in Latin I'm pretty sure it would be "ah-mee-chee," but I'm not sure about the English pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2017

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