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In the Phantom of the Opera, in the Phantom's play, Don Juan, the lead female character, portrayed by Christine is called Aminta.
OBiancardi  7/14/2005
"Aminta" is the name of a famous Italian play written by Torquato Tasso.
lawruh  1/31/2007
It was the name of a Macedonian king.
petra  6/23/2007
Aminta is also from the Hebrew, meaning Truth, Friendship as well as the Latin meaing 'to protect'.
ElizainEngland  7/19/2007
This name reminds me too much of Araminta, and thus (to me) looks highly feminine.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2009
This is also a name in the Romani (Gypsy) language. In Romani, it is a female name.
Wierka  2/15/2011
This is my mom's name and it is somewhat popular in Nicaragua, my mom's native country, and a vastly female name there. In fact, a popular public figure in Nicaragua is Aminta Granera - National Police Chief and the only woman who is a senior public security official in Latin America.
QueenNeferTamy  3/30/2017

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