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A famous bearer is the singer Anastacia, known simply by her first name.
wiswina  5/19/2005
I think it looks better spelt Anastasia, it is also known better spelt that way.
bellaboo  11/14/2006
I love this name. It is my first name, and I am very proud of it. Everyone I have ever met has also loved it and commented on what a pretty name it is. My nickname is "Staci", derived from the middle part of the name.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2007
This name is properly pronounced like "Anna-stAAA-sha"
― Anonymous User  9/12/2007
The name means "resurrection".
― Anonymous User  9/12/2007
This is properly pronounced: "Anna-st-AH-sha".
― Anonymous User  10/22/2007
The name is pretty in Russian, but in English, it sounds a bit tacky. It doesn't sound foreign, I'm not saying that, as it sounds like a combo of Anna and Stacia, but the ending of this name sounds almost ghetto to me.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
This name was used by a female on the 1930 Censo México (Mexico Census).
JesseTheGirl  7/28/2008
Second Unit and Assistant Director Anastacia Nemec, sister of actor Corin Nemec.
Emilie007  11/13/2008
Pronounced "ah-na-STAS-ya".
Emilie007  11/13/2008
I love this name pronounced (ana-STAY-cee-uh)!
kool_babe14  6/2/2009
I think another short form of Anastacia is Anna, or variations of this name.
leoBeyene2002  11/18/2016
Anastasia is one of my favorite names. Anastacia, in my opinion, looks and sounds... wrong.
erb816  1/28/2017
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Anastacia are female.
Also Bulgarian.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
Also used in Finland.
nikolaevna  11/15/2017
I happen to love the name "Anastacia," being that it's also my own name and has been for the 45 years of my life. It's also my namesake to my 98 year old grandmother, which I'm proud to share with her. By the way, I pronounce my name in the Spanish form that would sound something like this: Ah-na-stă-c-ya.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2018

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