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Also used in Bulgarian. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  9/16/2006
The name comes from the Greek word for resurrection.
― Anonymous User  9/16/2006
In Bulgarian the stress is on the last syllable -- ah-nah-STAHS. [noted -ed]
Ivayla  10/21/2006
It's also a great last name, which is why I believe it would make a strong middle name.
Athena.Asis  10/9/2008
Never met anyone with this name in Russia, though it exists among the Orthodox priests.
Jogitta  2/19/2011
Anastas Mikoyan was a Soviet Armenian statesman. He was one of the few Old Bolsheviks who survived the purges and retired shortly after Brezhnev took office.
mymymetrocard  8/4/2014

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