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The pet form of Anca is Ancuta. The name Ana doesn't have any relation with the name Anca, they are two different names. The name Ana is also used with Maria (the romanian form of Mary) to form Anamaria or a French version Anne-Marie.
mada_mxm  1/11/2006
I do think it is related to Ana, from the traditional pet name of Ana (in Romanian), Anica. So, I find a certain connection.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2007
I've come across this name as a nickname of the Romanian girl's name Ancuta (prn Ahn-COO-tah).
Eirena  3/5/2008
It is not a diminutive of Ana, at least not in Romanian. Both Ana and Anca have a common origin (Hebrew), and their own diminutives in Romanian. The one for Anca is Ancuța (pronounced Ankutzah).
anthalis  11/20/2010
This is my Romanian friend's name. She pronounces it 'ahn-kuh.' she told me once that it's like the Romanian name Bianca, but without the Bi-
Tasia.Margareta  4/11/2011

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