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This is also spelt 'Aneurin', the 'eu' sounding as 'ai' in most Indo-European languages. Traditionally it means blonde or golden haired. The origin is not 'Neirin'. That is the shortened version, the affectionate being simply 'Ni'.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2005
Aneirin was a 7th century Welsh bard, serving the kings of the Old North (what is now modern lower Scotland). He wrote the epic Welsh poem 'Y Gododdin'.
Sforzando  11/15/2007
I've only seen it spelt Aneurin meaning "honour". Mostly limited to Wales.
Stardust  4/16/2008
Found, in a different spelling, in the name of Aneurin "Nye" Bevan — Welsh politician, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and pioneer of the National Health Service.
danbarnesdavies  1/15/2017
Absolutely adore Aneurin Bevan. How many lives did that lad save? I think somebody should put a quiet word in to Pope Francis on his behalf. Wales needs another saint!
elizkadoll  3/2/2018

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