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The name is used in Poland. But not as a pet name for Anna, instead it's a name on its own. The pronunciation is a-NET-a.
ADT  6/19/2006
Famous bearer: Aneta Langerová (Czech fine singer)
Maggie_Simpson  7/24/2006
It could be a short form of the Bulgarian name "Antoaneta".
iva_toneva  4/28/2007
Anetta is also the Slovak version.
Maggie_Simpson  10/8/2007
Footballer Pavel Kuka and moderator Renáta Dlouhá have a daughter Aneta, born 2002.
Emilie007  5/29/2008
Famous bearers:
Body-builder Aneta Florczyk
Volleyball player Aneta Havlíček
Model Aneta Hrušková
Singer Aneta Langer
Moderátor Aneta Parišková
Model Aneta Sychrová
Singer Aneta Seidl
Model Aneta Valentová
Emilie007  6/1/2008
This name is also Polish.
Rodzynek  11/12/2017

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