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I love this name. I say that because it's my name. The other reason why I like my name is because it is unique and nobody really has it (that I know). Hopefully other people like this name too.
midsummer  2/18/2005
An ancient and modern Greek name, from the Greek word "angelikos", meaning "of an angel".
Damis  3/3/2005
Angelica is also a flowering herb that can be used in making liqueurs or candy.
Sarah Charlotte  4/23/2005
Angelica is very pretty. It's the name of the mean girl in Rugrats but if that doesn't bother you, use it!
Mommy2B  5/4/2005
It's a very unique name, which I had never heard before. My friend gave me the nickname Angel but this name Angelica kept appearing to me. Until I checked this website, then only I realised this name exists and suits me: "messenger" in the lord. I decided to change to this name.
cityangel  5/12/2005
Angelica is the name I gave my daughter 13 years ago and she ultimately is my "messenger" from God. If it wasn't for her love I would've never realized the true meaning of a life worth living. I thank God for my Angel from heaven every day.
RICO  6/4/2005
I love the name Angelica because that is my name. I'm 13, and my whole life I've been teased. People say I'm from the Rugrats. My ex-boyfriend told his younger sister that I was the Angelica off of the cartoon, and she was asking me if she could come over and play with Tommy and Chuckie. It was so funny.
baby_girl_101091  9/1/2005
My best friend's name is Angelica and everyone calls her Angel. I think it's such a great name, and I love it. I don't know anyone with the name Angel, and I like how it's original, unlike a lot of other names.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2005
It's very unique and original, but every time I hear of it, my mind automatically goes back to Angelica of the Rugrats.
― Anonymous User  3/31/2006
There is an actress named Anjelica Huston. I like the g instead of j but it's really the same name.
legna88  8/31/2006
Angelica is my name and I absolutely love it. I like having a name that can be pronounced in both English and Spanish. If this wasn't my name I would want to give it to my daughter (when I have one), but I don't like it when a mom gives her name to her daughter. I think it's a strong name that is reflected in my maturity and sense of responsibility.
lalocadeyo  10/28/2006
In Spanish it's pronounced ahn-hel-ee-ka.
― Anonymous User  11/24/2006
I love the name Angelica, it is so pretty. But I grew up watching Rugrats and Angelica wasn't the nicest person there. But if you really love the name and don't care, go for it.
dreamer_x  1/12/2007
Angelika Kallwass is a famous German psychologist, born in October 1948, known from the show "Zwei bei Kallwass" at sat1.
elliebeth  2/8/2007
It reminds me of that bratty character on Rugrats. Due to a bad association with her, I would not name my daughter this.
CharlieRob  5/6/2007
I think it's a very elegant name, but growing up watching Rugrats has ruined it for me.
Samantha543  7/7/2007
I do like the name Angelica. I know someone with that name, & by knowing her, I've realized that it doesn't necessarily mean that the bearer is an "angel", possibly a pain, but it is a beautiful name. Bless all that bear it.
SingingDove114  8/17/2007
Name of the day on March 26, 2008.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2008
It's the name of the actress, Angelica Mandy, who plays Gabrielle Delacour in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'
Laerke  4/8/2008
I named my first born Angelica. The only name that came to me was Angel. Her father said all the Angels he knew were dancers. So, I named her Angelica. She is as lovely as her name. He calls her Angel anyway. Her father is Italian and I'm of Polish decent.
d.pacer  5/5/2008
As much as it sounds like angelic I don't like it, I think that the "ica" ruins it, sounds a little bit evil.
mary26  7/19/2008
Every time I hear this name, I think of Rugrats.
number1212  8/21/2008
My sister's name is Angelica and I like it. The nickname 'Angel' I like, the other alternative 'Angie' I don't.
Bajafresh  8/22/2008
Maud Angelica Behn was born 29 April 2003 at Norway's National Hospital, Rikshospitalet, in Oslo. She is the first-born child of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (b. 1971) and husband Ari Behn (b. 1972). She was christened at the Slottskapellet, The Royal Palace, Oslo, Norway, on July 2, 2003, the one-hundredth birthday of her great-grandfather, King Olav V of Norway.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
I love the way it sounds and the way it's spelled. I've only met one Angelica ever. It's definitely a name that you don't hear a lot. But due to the fact that I used to watch Rugrats and hated that bratty girl with this name with a passion I can't name my child this. But hey if you like the name, go for it.
_0TophasNails_1  11/27/2008
The Italian pronunciation is not ahn-jeh-LEE-kah but ahn-JEH-lee-ka. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  12/18/2008
Angelica ranks 28th of the most popular names in Italy in 2006.
presentperfect  12/20/2008
This is a beautiful name. I've loved it ever since first meeting it in the form Angelika, when I read about the famous Swiss-born painter Angelika Kauffmann (1741-1807), who was renowned in England and achieved much acclaim.
Jonquil  12/26/2008
I adore this name. There's so many nicknames for it though I don't know why you would want to use one with a beautiful name like that. My little cousin's name is Angelica & we call her Jelly. We have two Angela's in the family. One goes by Angel & the other Angie so my aunt nicknamed her Jelly.
blueeyesparkle  3/9/2009
I think the Italian pronunciation sounds much better than the English one. The English one reminds me of the word gel.
emmiix3  3/26/2009
True to its roots in the Greek for 'messenger', the herb Angelica symbolizes inspiration and the Muse in the language of flowers. Victorian poets would adorn their heads with crowns of Angelica, whose heady fragrance was reputed to bring about visions.
― Anonymous User  5/29/2009
The name is also borne by Angelica Vanessa Garnett (née Bell), the daughter of Vanessa Bell and the niece of Virginia Woolf.
Wordsmith  8/16/2009
I like this name. However, it's too common, and I think of Angelica Pickles from Rugrats. She was quite funny, but she kind of ruined the name for some people.
bananarama  10/4/2009
Also made famous by Mother Angelica who started the Catholic TV station EWTN.
mariej2  12/19/2009
I would avoid people who named their daughter such an annoyingly frilly name.
Aureliano  2/28/2010
"Sister Angelica" opera by Puccini -part of "Il Trittico" -3 short operas of contrasting moods usually performed on the one night. "Sister Angelica" is the ultimate tearjerker even more so than "Madame Butterfly" or "La Boheme."
Anton  3/8/2010
I have two Angelica's in one of my classes, both of Hispanic background. One pronounces it An-jel-ih-ka, the other pronounces it An-hel-ih-ka. I'm not a big fan of the name. I prefer Angelina for Angel names.
wbbuff  4/8/2010
Angelica is the name of bratty cousin on the 1990s cartoon the Rugrats.
dani_08  5/24/2010
This reminds me of Angelica Pickles. Ruined the name for me completely.
xKatiex  8/20/2010
I'm sure it's great, but all I can think of is that brat from Rugrats D:
Chrila96  8/23/2010
I hate this name! I have ever since I first heard it when I was little on the tv show "Rugrats." Not because of the character I just don't like the name. It's really ugly. Just ugly.
Liesl  10/4/2010
It's pretty but would inevitably get shortened to Ange or Gel.
English TV presenter Natasha Kaplinsky recently had a daughter called Angelica Pearl - sweet combo! Brother's name is Arlo.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2010
Maybe I'm just biased from watching spoiled Angelica off of the Rugrats for so many years as a child, but this name sounds snotty to me.
GirlWithN0Name  2/3/2011
I know someone named Angelica, only she pronounces it with a hard "G" sound instead of a "J" sound. (an-GEL-li-ka).
LibbyBeth  3/26/2011
In the spectacular 2011 film "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," Angelica, portrayed by the talented Penélope Cruz-- is Jack Sparrow's (played by Johnny Depp) former love interest. Having met Jack just before she was to take a vow of celibacy in a Spanish convent, Angelica blames Jack for her corruption and becoming a pirate. There is claim stated by herself that she is Blackbeard's lost daughter, and finally First Mate of the Queen Anne's Revenge.
Francesca  5/30/2011
There's another fictional Angelica nobody's mentioned before now... Angelica Jones AKA Firestar, a Marvel superhero created for the animated series "Spider-man and his Amazing Friends" and a member of the X-Men!
Hailey2009  8/19/2011
Derives from Greek word ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ = ANGEL > ΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΟΣ (=angelic)
ΑΓΓΕΛΙΚΗ = ANGELICA = the feminine version of angelic.
Other words common in everyday contemporary Greek:
ΑΓΓΕΛΩ= to announce, ΑΓΓΕΛΙΑ = message, announcement.
georgev1112  10/17/2011
I know someone with this name. She goes by Jelly.
― Anonymous User  12/6/2011
My godmother was named Angelica, but I never knew that until after she had passed away (everybody called her by a nickname that became her given name and had no relation to her first name). Her mother saw the name in a book and thought it was so beautiful, however, she wasn't aware of the usual pronunciation. And so, my godmother's name was pronounced "an-JEL-ICE-ə". Strangely enough, I feel that this softens out a somewhat harsh sounding name.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2012
Angelica Bridges (born 1973 in Harrisonville, Missouri) is an American actress and model.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
It's a shame that this name was ruined for so many people by "Rugrats." I mean, I am INFATUATED with that cartoon, but I do recommend using this name one day because that factor contributes to the name's rarity. It's beautiful, feminine, and somewhat even enchanted, so use this. You can always nickname a little girl Angie if you don't want people teasing her because of the Rugrats connection.
StarMoon  12/29/2012
The last time I saw rugrats was 2002. it was years ago and nobody except for us will remember so lets move on and use this beautiful name.
555jazzy  1/12/2013
Name of the Day: March 26, 2013.
― Anonymous User  3/26/2013
Angelica is the name of a character on the Nickelodeon show The Rugrats.
AppleM32  1/13/2014
There's a historical fiction novel by Scott O'Dell called "My Name Is Not Angelica," about a girl who's sold into slavery in the West Indies.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2014
Angelica Pickles from the Rugrats comes to mind.
Definetly makes me think of someone bossy and bratty.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/5/2014
I honestly don't like this name too much, I'm really not sure why. But it is still very pretty and has a nice ring to it and seems fun. I also really love all of the nickname possibilities. 'Jelly' is so cool! I kind of wish I knew someone with this name, even though it is not a favorite.
speakofthewolf  3/27/2015
A very beautiful name. I can't help but think of Rugrats, but I do love this name nonetheless!
― Anonymous User  8/12/2015
This was the name of Alexander Hamilton's (one of the USA's Founding Fathers) sister-in-law. She is a prominent character in the musical "Hamilton", and it's implied that they are having an affair, at least emotionally. Since the musical is very popular and it's a beautiful name, Angelica may come into more popularity soon.
TheSalmon2550  3/16/2016
Angelica Schuyler Church, sister-in-law of Alexander Hamilton and daughter of the wealthy senator and war veteran Philip Schuyler. She is gaining in popularity because of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical, "Hamilton," which is very popular. Renée Elise Goldsberry originated Angelica's role in the musical.
SimoneKadele  4/24/2016
Reminds me of "Rugrats"', although it sounds pretty nice!
JemimaP1  6/15/2016
Sounds pretty, but I think of a brat when I hear this name. It's The Rugrats fault.
Luvbug86  9/18/2016
The name is pretty.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2017
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Angelica are female.
Also Flemish.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
Angelica is beautiful. It's my favourite "angel-" name, although I also really like Angela.
Paula Puddephatt  6/21/2017
Angelica is such an adorable name! And as for the Rugrats association, the show is reducing in popularity.
Kitandkat  3/26/2018

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