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Angelica Schuyler Church, sister-in-law of Alexander Hamilton and daughter of the wealthy senator and war veteran Philip Schuyler. She is gaining in popularity because of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical, "Hamilton," which is very popular. Renée Elise Goldsberry originated Angelica's role in the musical.
SimoneKadele  4/24/2016
This was the name of Alexander Hamilton's (one of the USA's Founding Fathers) sister-in-law. She is a prominent character in the musical "Hamilton", and it's implied that they are having an affair, at least emotionally. Since the musical is very popular and it's a beautiful name, Angelica may come into more popularity soon.
TheSalmon2550  3/16/2016
Angelica Pickles from the Rugrats comes to mind.
Definetly makes me think of someone bossy and bratty.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/5/2014
There's a historical fiction novel by Scott O'Dell called "My Name Is Not Angelica," about a girl who's sold into slavery in the West Indies.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2014
Angelica is the name of a character on the Nickelodeon show The Rugrats.
AppleM32  1/13/2014
Angelica Bridges (born 1973 in Harrisonville, Missouri) is an American actress and model.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
There's another fictional Angelica nobody's mentioned before now... Angelica Jones AKA Firestar, a Marvel superhero created for the animated series "Spider-man and his Amazing Friends" and a member of the X-Men!
Hailey2009  8/19/2011
In the spectacular 2011 film "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," Angelica, portrayed by the talented Penélope Cruz-- is Jack Sparrow's (played by Johnny Depp) former love interest. Having met Jack just before she was to take a vow of celibacy in a Spanish convent, Angelica blames Jack for her corruption and becoming a pirate. There is claim stated by herself that she is Blackbeard's lost daughter, and finally First Mate of the Queen Anne's Revenge.
Francesca  5/30/2011
Angelica is the name of bratty cousin on the 1990s cartoon the Rugrats.
dani_08  5/24/2010
"Sister Angelica" opera by Puccini -part of "Il Trittico" -3 short operas of contrasting moods usually performed on the one night. "Sister Angelica" is the ultimate tearjerker even more so than "Madame Butterfly" or "La Boheme."
Anton  3/8/2010
Also made famous by Mother Angelica who started the Catholic TV station EWTN.
mariej2  12/19/2009
The name is also borne by Angelica Vanessa Garnett (née Bell), the daughter of Vanessa Bell and the niece of Virginia Woolf.
Wordsmith  8/16/2009
Maud Angelica Behn was born 29 April 2003 at Norway's National Hospital, Rikshospitalet, in Oslo. She is the first-born child of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (b. 1971) and husband Ari Behn (b. 1972). She was christened at the Slottskapellet, The Royal Palace, Oslo, Norway, on July 2, 2003, the one-hundredth birthday of her great-grandfather, King Olav V of Norway.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2008
It's the name of the actress, Angelica Mandy, who plays Gabrielle Delacour in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'
Laerke  4/8/2008
Angelika Kallwass is a famous German psychologist, born in October 1948, known from the show "Zwei bei Kallwass" at sat1.
elliebeth  2/8/2007
There is an actress named Anjelica Huston. I like the g instead of j but it's really the same name.
legna88  8/31/2006

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