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In Italian Angelina means little angel.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2005
Name is also Spanish, 'Angel' meaning 'angel' and 'lina' meaning 'little'. The name is traditionally pronounced in Spanish as ang-ha-lina.
angelina  2/12/2005
'Lina' does not mean little in Spanish. But anyways, I really like this name, not other then the fact that it's my mom's name.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2006
"Angelina Ballerina" is a series of charming children's books about a little dancing mouse.
Sarah Charlotte  4/23/2005
A bearer of this name is famed actress Angelina Jolie, daughter of actor Jon Voight. Angelina is arguably the most beautiful woman in the world.
Greeneyed Porcelain  5/14/2005
Actress Angelina Jolie Vojtka, born 4th June 1975, Los Angeles, California. Slovak and German descent on her father's side and French and Haudenosaunee (Iroquian Indian) heritage on her mother's side.
Emilie007  10/24/2008
I (18) fell pregnant 8 months ago and my boyfriend and I have been thinking of names to call our beautiful girl. We have decided to call her Angelina and you will pronounce it ang-u-lina. This is going to be the most perfect name because she is my "little angel".
― Anonymous User  4/6/2006
I think this is a very pretty name. Personally I like Angelina Grace. This seems to be a name that isn't overly used but has withstood the test of time.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
Angelina is a beautiful name, it sounds so pretty. For a nickname I would probably use Lina.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2006
"Angelina" is a popular Bulgarian name too. "Angel" is the masculine form in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian word "angel" means "angel" in English, but the Bulgarian pronunciation is [angel], where "a" is pronounced [a], not [ei], "g" is pronounced [g], not [dg] or [j], "e" is pronounced [e] and the stress is on the "a". "Angelina" is pronounced in the same way except the stress - here the stress is on the "i".
iva_toneva  5/25/2006
I am usually not fond of very popular names, but I really like Angelina. It's just pretty to say and to hear. Not to mention, one can't beat having Angelina Jolie as a namesake.
Maggiecc  8/8/2006
I think that despite its growing popularity, I still am somewhat fond of the name. The only reason why I began to hate this name because in Fourth Grade, I met the most elitist Korean girl in my school! She would pick on me, calling me "saucebox" and "Smarties" over and over again. What made even more vexatious was her accent *shudders*. Sorry, but it has ruined this name for me!
Starla-Marie_1993  8/9/2006
Angelina is one of the most beautiful names I have heard of. But if too many people use it, it becomes kind of old and common-place. Angelina Jolie is a well-known name-sake, and she makes her name legendary. If I had a daughter, I would probably give her an uncommon name so people wouldn't tie her to another person. The name Angelina is also of Italian origin. Italian, Indian, Irish, and many Eastern language origins, have names that mean "pretty" such as the names: Eirian, Jia, Isolde, and Kalyan. These names are simple yet elegant. Anyway, Angelina is a wonderful name but it's a lot to live for. It does mean "pretty" and "angel".
MundialNina93  8/17/2006
I like this name, but I would want to go by Angie, Lina, or Angel.
Katya_4_Ever  12/31/2006
Angelina does also mean "little angel", it's a variant of Angelita.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007
I don't mind the name Angela, but I hate this name. I think it's because I don't like the name Lina, and the Lina at the end of this name turns me off. I also hate the name Angie, and would never use this nickname. It sounds like a dog’s name, not a person’s name. I also hate Angelina Jolie, and every time I hear this name, I think of her. I am sure she's the reason why this name has become so popular, since I've never heard this name before she becasue famous. And to the person who thinks Angelina Jolie is arguably the most beautiful women in the world, I can think of thousands of women more beautiful than her. Personally, I found her to be a very unattractive person.
TiffanyS  1/22/2007
This is my name, I used to hate it cause it wasn't popular. Then I started to think it was beautiful. Now I wish there wasn't a Ms Jolie and it wasn't so popular. At least with her there I don't get called Angela too much anymore. Some of you people hold a lot of hate towards this name, you guys need some help.
silverzither  2/22/2007
I have a friend by this name and find the name quite beautiful. I don't really care for Angelina Jolie. To me she ruins this pretty name. On the other hand, Angelina is a nice all around name. But be careful with it, it is becoming popular.
Dessa  4/9/2007
Angelina Johnson is a chaser and later captain on the Gryffindor quidditch team in Harry Potter.
― Anonymous User  6/25/2007
If Angelina were to mean "little angel" in Spanish then the name would be Angelita. And it's pronounced Ahn-jeh-lee-nah in Spanish. Please don't comment on name pronunciations unless you are familiar with that language. You're just giving out false information.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2008
Also used in Spanish and pronounced Ahn-jeh-lee-nah.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2008
It's a very cute name, but it sounds better on little girls and teens than it does on adults. The name has that youthful, cutesy feel to it that makes it difficult to imagine this name on mature, intelligent women. I can only associate the name with Angelina Jolie, and I've begun to find her a bit irritating, although I must admit that she's pretty hot.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
Angelina is such a nice name, so angelic and sweet.
mary26  7/19/2008
A beautiful name, but I prefer Angeline.
italiannames  9/6/2009
I love this name, but I think it has kind of become associated with Angelina Jolie. I do adore her, but the constant tabloid stories about her have made me like the name less. Still, at least using it is nowhere near as corny as naming your daughter Jolie.
bananarama  9/7/2009
I love this name because I love the nicknames Angel, Angie, and Lina.
Doglover  9/28/2009
I have a cousin named Angelina.I love the sound but the name is too popular and makes me think of a girl that is full of herself. I know people with variants of the name and most of them had a horrible personality. Doesn't mean that all Angelinas are bad but it just reminds me of bad things.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
It's one of Lady Gaga's two middle names. Her birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. :)
treetops  5/9/2011
No offence to any Angelina's out there, but I find this name painfully pretentious. I'd think the same of any name with the word "Angel" in it.
xsai  5/18/2011
This name is alright, but personally I would never use it because I have a feeling it will skyrocket within the next few years, plus that Jersey Shore twit ruined it for me :/
― Anonymous User  5/27/2011
This is one of the worst names in the world. Angelina Jolie runined any redeeming quality the name may have had.
GibsonGirl  9/15/2011
This name is also in use in Georgia, where it is slightly uncommon.

In Georgian, Angelina is written as: ანგელინა.
Lucille  6/4/2013
My 3rd great grandmother was given this name and on old church documents written as Angelina. Angelique on (baptism record) and Angela, on her grave stone. She was born in Olingen, (ouijen French spelling) Luxembourg in 1823 and was of catholic faith married into a German catholic family and came to America in 1851. This name seems to have never really lost its popularity and I guess its Latin origins lends it out to many nationalities that practice Catholicism, in fact I would claim this as a catholic name at least years ago, but now anyone uses it.
ginad511  1/8/2014
Angelina is also used in Hungary. Its name days are July 15 and July 21.
Randee15  7/16/2014
Angelina Grimké was an American political activist and supporter of the women's suffrage movement.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2015
Angelina is such a gorgeous, girly, beautiful, classy name. It's a good name to grow up with from childhood to adulthood. I love how it's meaning derives from angel. Angelina is a truly special name. I also like the other angel related names Angela, Angie & Angelo. C:
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
Well, I searched about Angelina name, what it means. I found a very good meaning.

Actually, I'm not married, but when I marry and have girl I will name her Angelina! Not because beautiful name, but because of Angelina Juli! Yes because of Angelina Juli.

I used to live in desert Syria and I have never watched any Movie for Angelina Juli. But when started the Revolution in Syria, I stared to watch the news,
I saw and I heard how this wonderful woman is caring about the Syrian refugees! She is really great person!

I will do my best to name my girl Angelina in the future.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2015
The name Angelina has Persian Zoroastrian origin. 'Angels' are derived from the Zoroastrian religion, and Zoroastrianism has influenced all religions, especially Christianity and Judaism.
JamesLambert  10/25/2015
Pretty name! Love names that begin and end with an A.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2015
Angelina Ballerina (the dancing mouse) is a fictional character.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2015
"Angelina" the name is - as correctly pointed out by another post - Persian in origin. The word "Angel" and the Greek word "Angelos" both derive from the ancient Persian word "agaros". Furthermore the name "Angelina" has Zoroastrian religious background because the denotion of angels was first given in ancient Persian Zoroastrian religion, roughly 600-1000 BC or even further back. It influenced all Abrahamic religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, with angels. In fact, back then and still today the religious symbol of Zoroastrian religion itself is an angel.

Furthermore the ending "Ina" after the Persian originated word "Angel" is common among Persian names as well, e.g. "Mina", another beautiful name of Persian origin.

"Angelina" is a very beautiful name, beautiful Persian ancient origin and background, great meaning and still as beautiful today.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2015
Angelina is the most beautiful name EVER, which is why it's what I named my daughter. And YES, I did name her after Angelina Jolie, an amazing woman who deserves complete respect.
Take your jealous hate somewhere else.
Elizabeth Sullivan  6/12/2016
My sister just had a baby and she named her daughter Angelina Victoria - both beautiful family names! The baby girl is now 5 months old and gorgeous. People often tell us how pretty she is and say that the name matches the baby.
Brozzzi  7/3/2016
I named my daughter Angelina back in 2003. I didn't get it from Jolie. Personally, she has ruined my daughter's name. I loved the name, I actually got it from a girl I knew. Angelina isn't common from where I'm from. I only know one other person, besides my daughter and the girl I named her after. But to this day, I only know 3. People at work have asked if I named my daughter after Jolie and the answer has always been, hell no. Jolie wasn't even big when I had my daughter.
My daughter also got the name Angelina because I was a BAD teenager, on drugs and alcohol bad. When I found out I was pregnant a few months after my 17th birthday, I cried. I had plans to go to college and become something. I don't think I would have made it though, I was so messed up on drugs it was ridiculous! My daughter is my Angel who saved me from a downward spiral in life. She is the one I straightened up for and the reason I became the woman I am now. I have been clean since the day I found out I was pregnant and have never relapsed. She is my Angel and her and her 2 brothers are my life.
She will forever be my Angel, sent from God, to straighten me out. I am forever grateful for her! She knows how she got her name and she knows she saved me! My personal Angel!
BGs3krazykiddos  11/24/2016
My name is Angelina Swan. My dad is from London and my mom is from Italy. They named me Angelina because "Swan" sounds really English from England and they wanted me to have some Italian in my name. Also, Angelina means "little angel" and I am their little Angel. I really like this name because my nickname is "Angel" and it sounds gracious.
angelinaswann  12/6/2016
My name is Angelina, I was born in 2004. But it got the most popular in 2005. I really hope it doesn't get too popular and ruin it. I really love my name because it's unique. Even though my middle name isn't as unique.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2017
I was born in 1996, so the name "Angelina" was not really popular and was very uncommon in the city where I live as it was ranked #310 in the United States. My mother's grandmother had given me the name because she had thought it was beautiful and that it would be special if I was named after my mother, Angela. I still find the name "Angelina" as one of the most unique and beautiful names in the world. However, I would hate it if it became too common of a name as it would lose its individuality and uniqueness. Also, Angelina Jolie happens to be one of my favorite actresses so I think it's awesome that we share names.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2017
Used in Greece, written Αγγελινα. Variants are Angeline, Angelini, written Αγγελινη. [noted -ed]
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  4/21/2017
I love, love, love the name Angelina. I think the letters really flow together and the name just sounds like a song. But I don't enjoy how it's like 'your namesake is Angie Jolie!' because although she is a lovely actress, I want my child to be her own person and not named after a random celebrity.
I like Lina and Annie as nicknames.
― Anonymous User  5/16/2017
Also Swedish.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2017
This name is really pretty, a lot of names don't work for a girl as a child and an adult, but this name is completely perfect. Some nicknames are Angel. Angie, Annie, Ann, Lin, Lina.
Sania01  9/20/2017
My name is Angelina, I go by Lina. I love my name very much, I think it's a very beautiful and unique name. I have only met two other girls named Angelina in my life. I was named Angelina when it was most popular in 2004.
― Anonymous User  11/26/2017

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