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In Italian Angelina means little angel.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2005
Name is also Spanish, 'Angel' meaning 'angel' and 'lina' meaning 'little'. The name is traditionally pronounced in Spanish as ang-ha-lina.
angelina  2/12/2005
'Lina' does not mean little in Spanish. But anyways, I really like this name, not other then the fact that it's my mom's name.
― Anonymous User  11/23/2006
Angelina does also mean "little angel", it's a variant of Angelita.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007
If Angelina were to mean "little angel" in Spanish then the name would be Angelita. And it's pronounced Ahn-jeh-lee-nah in Spanish. Please don't comment on name pronunciations unless you are familiar with that language. You're just giving out false information.
― Anonymous User  3/15/2008
The name Angelina has Persian Zoroastrian origin. 'Angels' are derived from the Zoroastrian religion, and Zoroastrianism has influenced all religions, especially Christianity and Judaism.
JamesLambert  10/25/2015
"Angelina" the name is - as correctly pointed out by another post - Persian in origin. The word "Angel" and the Greek word "Angelos" both derive from the ancient Persian word "agaros". Furthermore the name "Angelina" has Zoroastrian religious background because the denotion of angels was first given in ancient Persian Zoroastrian religion, roughly 600-1000 BC or even further back. It influenced all Abrahamic religions, such as Christianity and Judaism, with angels. In fact, back then and still today the religious symbol of Zoroastrian religion itself is an angel.

Furthermore the ending "Ina" after the Persian originated word "Angel" is common among Persian names as well, e.g. "Mina", another beautiful name of Persian origin.

"Angelina" is a very beautiful name, beautiful Persian ancient origin and background, great meaning and still as beautiful today.
― Anonymous User  10/31/2015

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