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In Australia, we have an Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston. One of the most well respected and highly decorated officers (retired) in our military. He's so good at his job, he got pulled out of retirement to help with the search for MH370 and be the Special Envoy to Ukraine after the MH17 disaster. Angus is a strong and proud name.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2014
Actor Angus T. Jones plays the kid in "Two and a Half Men".
Also, I think I would spell this name Aeonghus, from what it originated from, to eliminate any negative connentation.
C-Ticket  7/24/2011
Angus is a council area, originally a county, in Scotland.
vomiting  9/10/2009
Famous Baarer(s): The entire species of Black Angus Cows.
magicalhannah7  4/7/2009
Burger King has a Burger named Angus which is very tasty. But the name is not.
izzaw  8/5/2008
Angus is the name of a Thane in Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth.
sharonrenee  8/6/2007
Angus Young guitarist for the rock band AC/DC. This is about a cool a name as they get.
billysbay  10/6/2006
Always think of Angus Deayton, who hosted Have I got News for You? and was later sacked due to allegations in the press. Also, angus beef.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2006
Angus was the first name of the TV show hero MacGyver.
― Anonymous User  12/14/2005

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