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My BFF’s name is Anisa, and I personally find the name pretty nice, and it has a good ring to it.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2019
My middle name is Anisah and I've always loved it, I get a lot of compliments on it as well. I have always pronounced it ah-niss-ahh not ah-NEES-ahh though.
― Anonymous User  7/28/2018
My name is Anisa and I like it. Kinda the meaning is "like love" which is super cute! Although I would still rather be called by my nickname, Ani.
Ani8526  12/19/2017
This name comes from the root Anas in Arabic and the verb Ya'anas and the name Anas for the male and Anisa for the female or (Aneesa) the last letter is H when you have no words to follow it but if you do it will be Anisat and the "t" at the end of it makes the male name Anas a female name. So Anisa is the same as Anisah like Sarah can be written Sara. The meaning of the root Anas is Close and that is the nearest to the meaning in Arabic so for example domestic animals are called must'anasa animals
Because Man has made it friendly to him with time and close. When you say Mary is anisat Mike it means she is a close friend to Mike.
Asli  3/31/2017
Anisa is not "AA-niss-uh" it's A-NEE-sa. (The 'A' sounds soft like 'ER')
― Anonymous User  3/27/2014
This is really pretty.. it reminds me of anise and I love liquorice.
VAK  4/13/2012
Pretty :)
kool_babe14  5/15/2009
I like this name as well. It's not overused and is pretty with a nice meaning. I knew an Anisa a long time ago and she was a sweet girl.
faye  1/24/2009
Anisa is pronounced AA-niss-uh, and also means "miss" or "young lady".
Sabrina  9/17/2007
Anisa is a pretty name. Very feminine and delicate and sounds happy. I like the meaning of this name too.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2007

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